Digital Hitmen now offers call recording and tracking software to take the mystery out of the phone call equation.

As a business owner, you now have the ability to listen to each and every call in real-time or through a recording playback. Still not impressed? You can also track each call to understand what triggered it and where it came from. Plus, all of this can be done from an intuitive online dashboard. It’s smart, cutting-edge technology needed to compete in today’s online world.

Not only can call tracking help you pinpoint where each phone lead is coming from, but it’s also a fantastic way to help train employees, perform quality control, and maximise sales opportunities.

Drive Profit Opportunities with Sniper-Like Precision

Digital marketing is loaded with advantages. One of them is being able to track any metric with sniper-like precision. From page views and clicks to conversions, any behaviour before, during, or after a sale can be tracked to better understand lead flow and the psyche of customers.
However, despite all of this and the growing transition of customers and businesses to the online realm, a lot of business is still conducted over the phone. In fact, according to Salesforce, a whopping 92 percent of business leads, discussions, and transactions still take place via phone. It’s also traditionally been one of the toughest channels to track.

Call tracking solves this dilemma. With our tracking solutions, you can pinpoint where each call is originating from and identify the lead sources delivering the highest ROI. With this information in hand, you can target customers better than ever before and maximise the return on your marketing budget.

How Call Tracking Works

Tracking the effectiveness of marketing campaigns would be a lot easier and much simpler if the campaigns drove traffic and sent referrals through one channel. However, with Facebook, Adwords, email, and a hundred other potential campaign sources, this is the exception and not the rule. The problem is figuring out a way to track phone calls produced by these different campaigns.

Call tracking offers a simple solution. Rather than using a single phone number for each campaign, call tracking allows you to use a different number for each campaign. This allows you to see which campaigns are driving phone calls and producing results.

Worried about managing multiple phone numbers and accounts? Don’t be. With call tracking software, managing multiple phone accounts is easy as 1-2-3. Each phone number has its own unique referral number, so the moment the number is dialed, you know the exact campaign responsible for driving the referral.

You can create separate phone numbers for Facebook ads, search ads, direct mailings, TV commercials, and any other marketing campaigns you create. The software compiles the data from each campaign and clearly shows you which ones are driving the most and least phone referrals. This data can then be combined with your other data to give you a clearer, more comprehensive view of exactly what is and isn’t working.

Better Tracking. Better Benefits.

If you can’t tell by now, call tracking can provide your business with a huge list of benefits. With call tracking, you can:

Better Examine Ad, Landing Page, and Keyword Effectiveness

Call tracking allows you to better examine and understand the referral value of your Ad copy and landing pages, giving you a more complete picture as to which pages are generating the bulk of your phone leads and which ones are struggling. You can also setup unique phone numbers for individual keywords, giving you another way of determining the most valuable keywords to target.

Understand Your Customers

One of the greatest benefits of call tracking is the ability to better understand your customers. Since you can track exactly where each call was generated at page level, you can benefit from valuable insight into who your customers actually are, what’s going through their mind, and what they’re looking for. The value of this data is astronomical.

Maximise Your Marketing ROI

Thanks to call tracking, you can pinpoint exactly which advertising campaigns are generating valuable phone leads and boosting your conversion rates. This allows you to trim the fat and maximise your marketing ROI.

Provide a Better Call Experience

When integrated into your CRM, our tracking puts valuable information about each caller right in front of your eyes. You can see their location, call history, products of interest, and even their level of engagement. You can use this information to provide a better call experience.

Keep Up with Smartphone Behaviour and Usage

Smartphones have had a direct impact on buyer behaviour. They’ve also made it more difficult to track lead and conversion metrics, since online ads and clicks can still be coming from a phone. With call tracking, you can see which calls were made through smartphones and triggered by Web ads. This can provide you with valuable insight into how well your marketing channels are interconnected. Some call it congruency. We call it smart.

Track Offline Engagements

Think call tracking only works with online ads and Web pages? Think again. It can also help you track your offline marketing channels. You can create separate phone numbers and referral codes for direct mailings, print adverts, and more. So, instead of asking callers how they found your business, you can already have that info in hand.

Ready to take your business to the next level with next-level intelligence? Get call tracking and boost your business today!