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If social media marketing and advertising is the new kid on the block, paid search is the old grandpa next door with a manicured lawn and a home nicely settled into its foundations.

Sure, social media advertising can be powerful and quite profitable, but paid search can be equally, if not more, effective when done right.

Unfortunately, not many people run paid search campaigns the right way.

Anyone can put together an ad, throw it up, and hope for the best. However, in order to achieve serious, ROI-driven results, there are some tricks of the trade you need to know.

Some of these tricks include how to effectively target the right keywords, how to write engaging ad copy, and how to create tactical landing pages that convert curious eyes into sales and cold hard cash.

The good news is not only do we know the ins and outs of paid search and all of the above, but we love sharing what we know and breaking down the barriers to online success. In our blog posts, you’ll learn all about the latest news regarding paid search and discover some incredibly effective tips guaranteed to ramp up your leads, sales, and ROI.

Are Google Ads Right for Your Business?

Are Google Ads the Right Fit for Your Business?

Deciding the advertising methods that will best serve your business is not a simple decision. The choices are numerous, and your customers are sophisticated; so you definitely want to weigh up your options to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. Essentially, the two primary types of searches are paid search and organic…