Maximise sales during and after Click Frenzy Mayhem

The Coronavirus ushered in a multitude of changes to which we must adapt. For some businesses, experiencing an increase in web shopping is a result of the pandemic. Other businesses are hoping that online sales can help make up for lost revenue as social distancing becomes the norm.

Whichever category your business falls into, getting the maximum return for funds spent on online advertising investment (ROI) is a concern to all business owners within the virtual marketplace.


Enter Click Frenzy

In the years following its origination, the online shopping event now features three separate opportunities for customers to take advantage of incredible deals: Click Frenzy, Click Frenzy Travel, and Click Frenzy Mayhem.

The online sale is known as “the largest shopping event in the first six months of the calendar year” according to the Australia Post’s 2019 eCommerce Industry Update.

At a time when many online retailers must trim their marketing budgets, this guide can help you maximise sales during and after Click Frenzy Mayhem.


What is Click Frenzy Mayhem?

Click Frenzy Mayhem is the Click Frenzy event which aims to boost sales at a typically quiet time of the year. To generate increased sales, Click Frenzy:

  • Brings numerous retailers together in a single virtual location for a centralised shopping experience
  • Allows online shoppers to browse the website for a designated amount of time and links the shopper to the necessary retailer when customers are ready to purchase
  • Will enable retailers to present exceptional deals and special offers to shoppers


Click Frenzy Mayhem

Click Frenzy Mayhem helps retailers boost their online sales during a typically quieter time of the year.


Do I Have to Formally Be a Part of Click Frenzy to Benefit From the Event?

While joining in on the event can be exceptionally beneficial to your business, you can gather sales momentum by operating alongside Click Frenzy.

This year’s Click Frenzy Mayhem is happening on May 19th.

Here are a few suggestions to help you make the most of Click Frenzy even if you are not formally involved with it.

  • Promote a substantial sale for the event. Customers are in the mood to shop, but they are expecting meaningful price reductions
  • Consider a strong push using Google Ads to increase your visibility
  • Have your shop ready to go and make the buying process as simple as possible

The troubling impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, paired with the necessary social modifications, create an environment that offers the opportunities for online shopping to flourish under the correct circumstances.

While the pandemic has had economic ramifications, the government stimulus give shoppers reasons to open their purse strings for the sale.


Why Should I Focus My Time and Effort on a Short-term Event Like Click Frenzy?

If you have not been a part of Click Frenzy in the past or are familiar with the sales it has generated for other businesses, you may be sceptical about why this event is essential.

However, there are several good reasons to put in the time and effort for Click Frenzy:

  1. Increase Traffic and Sales During a Quiet Period – Typically, retailers such as Oz Black Friday Deals target Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. May is usually a time when many retailers see their business slow. By taking part in Click Frenzy Mayhem in mid-May, your business can create revenue to help you through the winter months.
  2. Visitors to Click Frenzy Want to Buy – Frequently, the toughest part of your job is convincing potential customers that they want to spend their money. However, a shopper visiting Click Frenzy is typically eager to buy and will require very minimal (if any) sort of convincing. Click Frenzy shoppers are ready and willing to make some purchases.
  3. Click Frenzy is an Exceptional Opportunity for Exposure and Revenue – During the months when a Click Frenzy event is underway, there are 135,000 searches for the term Click Frenzy. Being a part of an event that generates such a degree of interest improves your name recognition. At the same time, the event is good for your bottom line.
  4. Create New Customers – With so much shopping happening in a small window of time, there is a reasonable chance that your competitors may run out of a particular item. If you are on Click Frenzy with the same sought after product and an equal or better price, you can fill that consumer’s need and possibly earn their loyalty.


What About the Financial Considerations of Advertising for Click Frenzy Mayhem?

One essential fact to remember about your success during Click Frenzy is that it requires advance preparation. Your advertising budget is one of the factors which will need your attention in advance of the event.

  • Spread out your advertising budget in months leading up to the event. When you look at the potential gains during such a short amount of time, it makes sense to hold on to extra advertising budget wherever possible.
  • You should prepare to pay more per click during the event. However, the readiness of consumers to spend, as well as the volume of sales, makes the extra spend more than worth it.

While investing in a Google Ads expert is definitely worth it, we understand not everyone can afford one right now, so we have put together a tutorial to help you get started:




The Importance of Promoting in Advance

While it is true that Click Frenzy is a well known and anticipated event, putting your company front and centre of a promotion for Click Frenzy is only going to improve your traffic and conversions.

It is necessary for you to remember that customers cannot make purchases from your business if they are not aware of your participation. Here are a few ways to increase your visibility ahead of Click Frenzy:


Leverage Social Media

Promoting your company on social media is inexpensive and effective. Consider the fact that nearly 80 per cent of Australians use some type of social media, while only 47 per cent of Australian small businesses put forth a social media presence. (Of that 47 per cent, just 26 per cent opt for paid advertising)


The Iconic promoted their involvement in Click Frenzy in 2019

The Iconic promoted their involvement in Click Frenzy in 2019 using a number of social media channels.


Send Emails

Beyond your regular newsletter, create unique messages for the Click Frenzy event. While doing this, you can increase your email list by offering a special discount code, free shipping, or another perk to customers who refer friends that sign up to receive your emails.


Website Banners

You always want to avoid a circus-like appearance on your webpage, unless of course, you happen to run a circus. Consider adding an eye-catching banner to remind your customers of the Click Frenzy date and the fact that you are a participant.


Use banners on your website

In 2019, Alternative Brewing opted for a dynamic sale by releasing exclusive hourly deals alongside their Click Frenzy Deals.


Remarket to Your Audience

The Click Frenzy event is a great time to do some remarketing. Send emails to customers who visited your site without purchasing. Making the consumer remember you in conjunction with Click Frenzy Mayhem can turn a site visitor into a customer.



If your website has a blog, and it should, you can post several different things to help your customers and to keep your company on their mind. This includes:

  1. Best seller list
  2. Top trends
  3. Must have merchandise for winter
  4. Buy ahead items for holiday
  5. Higher end splurge items that are exceptional values
  6. Pay special attention to items geared for use in the home


How Should I Prepare My Website and My Business?

In addition to the other preliminary actions, you should focus on a few crucial points to be sure everything is ready to go on the big day:

  • Housekeeping – A big event like Click Frenzy calls for a site audit. Go over your site with a critical eye. Can it handle an influx of traffic? How are your load times? Are your procedures for check out easy? Have you posted an easy to understand return policy? Now it the time to dot all of your i’s and cross all of your t’s.
  • Staff – The Click Frenzy duration is short, but the action during this time can be fast and furious. Make sure that you have enough TRAINED staffers on hand to meet your customers’ needs.
  • Inventory – Keep an accurate list of your top-selling products or those with the best discount. Be prepared to quickly swap out items with those that are similar if you should run out of stock.
  • Data Collection – Give your customers a reason to share their email. You could offer free shipping, an extra discount, or a discount code to be used at a later date.
  • Follow-Up – Have a plan in place to contact customers within one or two weeks of the sale. This is an ideal time to offer other discounts or to promote items that relate to what they purchased from your site. For example, if a customer buys a high-end stand mixer for their kitchen, send an email highlighting accessory items made for that brand.


Don’t Miss Out

If you believe the event is suitable for your product offering, don’t miss the boat on Click Frenzy Mayhem. Planning for Click Frenzy Mayhem will mean the difference between success on a grand scale, or blending into the background of mediocrity.

During this challenging time for our nation and our world, Click Frenzy provides a chance for customers to enjoy a sense of normalcy, as well as to indulge a little. All while giving you an extra boost to your bottom line.