Facebook Ad vs Boosting a Post

You are well aware that social media, in general, and Facebook in particular, offers a gold mine of potential customers.

The number of regular Facebook users consistently climbs and is on its way to two and a half billion monthly users. Businesses all over the world are using various Facebook advertising methods to grow.


In this post, you’ll learn the difference between Facebook ads and boosted posts. By understanding the fundamental benefits of each, you’ll be able to create better, more targeted advertising campaigns, and achieve a greater ROI on your advertising budget.


Advertising Options for Business Owners

As Facebook’s reach increases, so do the choices the social media platform offers to improve the online presence for businesses of all sizes. Two effective options many business owners consider are:

  1. Boosting a Facebook post
  2. Creating and placing a Facebook Ad

The two options are similar, and many users find themselves confused regarding how each method operates.


Learning the Difference Between These Two Advertising Methods is Key

To help you decide which option is right for your company, consider your advertising goals. Having sight of these goals will assist you in choosing which method will help you the most.


What Does Boosting a Post Mean?

When you boost a post on Facebook, it means that you add an advertising budget, so Facebook increases your audience for the boosted post. A clear advantage of boosting a post has is that you can do this quickly and very easily.


Boosted Post on Facebook

Creating a boosted post on Facebook is quick and easy.


Steps to Boosting a Post on Facebook

Before you can boost a post on Facebook, you must choose an existing post on your timeline or create a new post on your timeline. This post will appear in your audience’s News Feed, and you also have an option to allow your post to show up on Instagram as an ad placement. Once you have made these choices, you need to supply Facebook with three pieces of information.

  1. The target audience – It sounds elementary, but choosing the correct audience to focus your post on is critical.
  2. The maximum you can spend – The best post in the world will have little influence if you cannot afford to place it appropriately.
  3. The Lengle the post will run – Once you have determined the duration of the boosted post, it will run until the time lapses or you inform Facebook to cease running it.
Creating a budget for posts

It only takes a couple of minutes to boost a post on Facebook.


What is a Facebook Ad?

While Facebook ads are similar to boosting a Facebook post, there are several features available when using Facebook ads that you cannot access by boosting a post. Additionally, users can create Facebook ads in the Facebook Ads Manager.


What Additional Capabilities Does Facebook Offer With Ads?

When you choose Facebook ads, you will find several enhanced features unavailable to those boosting posts on Facebook. These options include:

  • More options for ad placement – Facebook ads allow you to choose from different arrangements. These include:
    • Facebook News Feed side ads
    • Messenger ads
    • Instagram stories
    • Instant articles
    • Audience network


Ad creatives

You can optimise your ad creatives to fit different placements.


  • Align your Facebook ads with your advertising objectives – When you choose to boost a post, the design leads you to focus on website clicks, page engagements, and local business promotions. However, when using Facebook ads inside the Ad Manager, you can opt for detailed objectives such as store traffic, lead generation, and conversions.


Choosing campaign objectives

Facebook Ads allow you to optimise your campaign depending on a number of more targeted objectives.


  • Creative formatting – Making your ads in Ad Manager offers you substantial creative control. You can make creative descriptions, design ads with call to action buttons, and explore various formats to decide which is right for your company’s goals.


Create ads using dynamic creative

Through dynamic creative, Facebook ads allow you to automatically deliver high-performance combinations of titles, descriptions and visuals to your audience.


  • Options for advanced targeting – Using the boost post method limits your targeting capabilities to:
    • Age
    • Interests
    • Gender

When you are using Facebook Ad Manager, numerous choices open up for you. Access to advanced tools such as overlapping audiences, lookalikes, and options for specific niches create better marketing campaigns.


Should I Choose to Boost Posts or Work With Facebook Ads?

Both boosting posts and creating Facebook ads can be used effectively to promote your company via social media. The decision you need to make is which one of the advertising methods meshes best with the goals of your advertising.

For example: If you are looking to create a highly specific group or want ads that contain more technical elements, using Facebook ads is likely your best choice.

However, if you want to develop brand awareness, gain visibility, and engage with your customers on social media, boosting your posts is a good option.


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