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If you are a ‘do it yourself’ sort of person, there is a high probability that you have attempted to create you’re the web page for your company. If this is the case, you are not alone. However, this may be one of the biggest errors in your business. Unless your business is web design, you may have created a website that has your customers scrolling away as fast as they can.

Web design is one of those professions where, unless you do it for a living, you will not grasp the technical expertise involved. This is partly because a great web page will operate so well that creating it seems as if it would be effortless. So, while you are free to do what you want with your site, keep in mind the fact that your competitors are on your heels, waiting to take advantage of your slightest misstep.

Many characteristics can make a bad website. For example, avoid inarticulate walls of rambling text, poor quality of graphics as well as outdated graphics and fonts. Also, sites that are difficult to navigate or slow loading, unusual colours, and irrelevant well-worn stock photos make are parts of what makes a website bad. It is not possible to overstate the importance of your site working efficiently on mobile devices as well as computers.


Examples of (Extremely) Poor Web Design

The Internet is teeming with examples of bad websites. Here are a few examples of subpar web pages:

  1. Guildford Garden Centre

    While the website may be a tad dated, some key improvements can be made to the web design & UX. Overall this would be a great candidate for a website redesign and refresh, that could greatly improve their conversion rate.

    bad user experience example

    Here are some suggested improvements:

    • Categories: There are design elements to link to the category pages, however, they can easily be missed by a user. Making these categories inviting will help a user find what they need faster, leading to a higher chance of conversions.
    • Menu & Navigation: The “shop” is very comprehensive, but many of these subcategories could be used in the main menu to help users navigate easier. This may seem like a small change in such a comprehensive menu, but “shop” adds an unnecessary layer next to some less than useful menu items.
  2. Lost Golf Balls

    This site is in need of an update to its design, while this may have been cutting edge in 2012 for an e-commerce website, it just doesn’t cut it in 2021. A classic example of a client not giving their website enough importance in the business.

    golf web design example

    Recommended changes:

    • Layout: All of the right items are displayed on the home page but in a way that they are not apparent to a user. Their main categories, as well as subcategories, are all in the header section. A new site design could yield amazing results and a much better experience for the user, potentially leading to a far higher conversion rate.
    • Mobile: This site is truly lacking functionality on mobile, many of the categories are lost when views on a mobile device, leaving a misplaced header and a few products. This also means it fails Google’s core web vitals test with a score of 15 on mobile.
  3. Bay Beans Coffee

    Bay Beans has a lot going for it and in Australia coffee is a massive industry, in 2020 this market was worth $2.36B US. Being a coffee seller could mean taking a slice of this market, especially with the boom of eCommerce.

    bad example of web design

    However, with an outdated look and feel to the website, these dollars could be missed. There are positives to this website that could be improved:

    • Menu – It can use some work, tidying this up would be the first point of call for us. “Buy Coffee Beans”, for example, the user is there to “buy”, leading to wasted space.
    • Featured Products – For eCommerce , it’s important to get a product in front of the user as fast as possible. This section is in a good spot but could be higher up the page to better up their conversion rate.


Simple Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Mobile Website


Examples of Great Web Design

While there are numerous poor websites online, there are also some exceptionally well-done pages. These are clearly created by professionals who place a high value on their customer’s satisfaction.

  1. Aries Car Rental

    Service-based websites should be clear and concise. What does your business sell? How can a customer get it?

    With Aries Car Rental, those answers are simple, they rent cars, and you get it by using their website. The design is to the point, we see the header has a great contact and booking form for those wanting to make the process as simple as possible. While other customers may want to look at their car choices, they are directly below the header and lead directly to those category pages. Along with this, social proof is offered in the header with reviews displayed and linked to, showing that they are a company you can trust to use.

    good ux design example

  2. Chris’ Kitchen

    When it comes to fresh and tasty, Chris’ Kitchen is up there with the best, and not only for their vegan-friendly, gluten-free desserts.

    This website is modern, bright and easy to use. Landing on-site you are immediately hit with their appetising food, with a list of products directly below the header. The sleek design allows their branding to be displayed with ease across the site. Helping to showcase not only their food but their ethos.

    And easy to navigate to shop means once you’ve found the tasty treat you are after, it’s only a couple of clicks away!

    food website design ux

  3. Airbnb

    You’ll have heard of Airbnb, they changed the tourism industry, but they also brought a breath of fresh air into the design. When you land on the home page, you are immediately greeted with a menu that isn’t your standard affair. It’s a booking form:

    • Location
    • Check in
    • Check out
    • Guests

    That simple, but effective piece of design makes sure you get to your search as fast as possible, not making a user think, making a user use their website.

    tourism website example


Thinking About Doing Your Own Web Design?

While it may be tempting to try and create your website on your own, it can be a costly mistake. The examples of bad sites demonstrate how poorly a sub-par website reflects on the business it represents. Conversely, the well-designed websites, crafted with great attention to detail and functionality, are a pleasure to visit and build confidence in the company they represent.