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Forest Rise SEO Case Study

Complete On-Page & Off-Page Optimisation

Taking over from a previous Perth SEO company, we identified that Forest Rise needed a complete SEO overhaul. As such, we embarked on an aggressive SEO campaign that:

  • Attracted more first-time customers through significantly improved Google rankings.
  • Achieved a significantly higher number of online bookings, phone calls, and enquiries.
  • Encouraged repeat bookings from existing customers through improved on-site implementation of social media, showcasing of monthly specials, and more.

What Were the Results of Our SEO Campaign?

Since implementing our thorough on-page and off-page SEO strategy, the results were:

Keyword: Margaret River Spa Chalets 
(Ranked #1 on Google)

Keyword: Eco Retreat Margaret River 
(Ranked #1 on Google)

Keyword: Margaret River Chalets 
(Ranked #5 on Google)

How Did These Results Impact Organic Traffic?

With a huge increase across 100+ keywords, Forest Rise experienced significant improvements to their business. These included:
605% 75%
605% increase in organic traffic (over a 2 year period)
78% 17%
78% increase in occupancy rate
35% 8%
35% decrease in bounce rate
28% 6%
28% increase in pages viewed per visit

Who is Forest Rise?

Forest Rise Chalets and Lodge are a boutique, high-end accommodation provider located in the south west region of Western Australia.

Guests have the opportunity to rent a number of eco-friendly chalets and one lodge; all located deep within natural bush surroundings.

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Client Testimonial

“Since the Digital Hitmen team started our SEO in 2017, we’ve had an increase of over 300% in our organic website traffic. Plus, bookings have increased dramatically and our website looks HEAPS better! We can’t thank Brad (and the rest of the team) enough for the hard work they’ve put in. We look forward to continue to work with you guys long term!”


Benson Holland – Manager of Forest Rise Chalets and Lodge