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Who Are Lawson Legal?

Lawson Legal is a specialised boutique Perth-based criminal law firm, headed by principal lawyer Richard Lawson.

Richard Lawson can assist with a range of criminal legal matters. Whether you are facing a drug, assault, robbery, burglary or stealing charge, or even a serious driving matter, Lawson Legal can provide legal advice, conduct your trial or prepare your sentencing plea.

Google Keyword Performance

Here’s a comparison between when we began Lawson Legal’s SEO campaign (May 2017) vs the current rankings (September 2020):

Keyword: Criminal Lawyers Perth
(Ranked #1 on Google)

Keyword: Criminal Lawyer 
(Ranked #1 on Google)

Keyword: Criminal Law Perth 
(Ranked #1 on Google)

Starting Over (From Ground Zero...)

Lawson Legal’s previous website was experiencing a number of issues including:

  • 1000s of spammy, low-quality links as a result of poor management from several previous SEO companies in Perth
  • Hacking and security issues
  • Poor web design which impacted on-page SEO and conversion optimisation

As such, the Digital Hitmen team rebuilt the website using a customised WordPress theme. The result was a better looking, better performing and more secure website.

Ipad Lawson Legal

How Did This Impact Organic Traffic?

Organic (SEO) traffic has increased substantially over the 3 year campaign. As such, the client is receiving a huge number of new leads every month in this highly competitive industry.
1158% 75%
1158% increase in website visits
17% 1%
17% decrease in bounce rate
335% 22%
335% increase in customer enquiries

Client Testimonial

“I have experienced 4 previous Perth SEO companies that promised me the world and delivered nothing. Unfortunately, the SEO and digital marketing industries are unregulated which leaves the door open to all kinds of undesirable operators.

Brad, from Digital Hitmen, guaranteed me he would get me on the front page of a Google search but it would take a few months. Initially, I was sceptical because I’ve heard this all before. However, he was true to his word. Not only did he get me on the first page, I am now listed in the top 3 positions for my very competitive keyword!”


Richard Lawson, Owner of Lawson Legal