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Client: Loans Unlimited


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Their website on iPad and iPhone

Loans Unlimited approached us, wanting to breath new life into their website, brand and online presence. After discussing their goals we came up with a plan and overall vision for the website.

When we analysed their old website, we found it to be slow, hard to use and lacking in key features. When creating the new website, we set out to rectify these points and more.

The main goals and objectives of the project were as follows:

  • Improved user experience
  • Modern and bright design
  • Improved conversions
  • Fresh and Informative content

How We Design

Our designer set to work implementing a clean and fresh design that would not only be a modern update not only for the website but a reinvention of the brand’s aesthetic and outlook. Working with their great logo and colour scheme, this gave us a great base to work from and build upon.

306% increase in conversions 306%
12% increase in organic traffic (first month) 12%
25% increase in time on site 25%

  • Loan Calculator: The previous website included a calculator, but that design was lacking usability to really make it effective. Improving the UI and UX of the calculator and making it a key feature on a number of service pages, helping to keep the customer engaged longer.
  • Improved Call-To-Actions: Being a service-based company, they are receiving business on an inbound basis. Creating bright and frequent CTA’s allows them to maximise the effectiveness of the new website, converting more website visitors into customers and clients.
  • SEO Copy-writing: Crafting new and informative content was essential to improving the overall user experience, providing vital information for customers to find out all the need to know.

Unusual Pet Vets beforeDigital Hitmen's new and improved website

Improving Brand Identity:

Designing a new website allows you to refresh your brand’s identity. When we took on the project, we set out to create a new voice for the brand as well as look. The designer worked with our content team to craft a stellar new design:

  • Bespoke Design: Every detail of the site was created with the Loans Unlimited branding in mind, from colours to fonts. Each image on the website was specifically chosen to fit the colour palette and tone of the design and company branding.
  • Company Transparency: Loans Unlimited is a leading provider of Loans in Perth and Australia, but they are still a locally owned and operated business. With this, we wanted to show more about the company. We incorporated new photography from their Perth office into the build, to show you the people you’d be dealing with.
  • The Tone of Voice: The content that we created for the website gives off an air of authority while still being friendly, we managed this with a slightly relaxed writing style, while still providing excellent and accurate content for the brand, services and blog posts.

Client Testimonial

We engaged Digital Hitmen to give our online presence a facelift, as we see online presence getting more important for every business with each day that passes. We couldn’t be happier with our choice!

The professionalism and service that Digital Hitmen have given has been second to none. The whole team are great to deal with and while we are still in the infancy of our Digital Hitmen ‘journey’, the start has been great. Thanks for the great new website guys and look forward to the SEO results moving forward!

Neil, Director of Loans Unlimited