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What is the Online Flooring Store?

Online Flooring Store is one of Australia’s largest flooring retailers. They sell a huge range of vinyl loose lay, hybrid, laminate and timber floors, as well as a large selection of blinds.

With an inventory of 1000+ products, state-of-the-art e-commerce functionality was paramount for this business. This, together with exceptional high-end design and SEO results from the Digital Hitmen team, has enabled the business to grow exponentially in late 2018 and beyond.

Online Flooring Store on mobile and tablet

Online Flooring Store

Logo Creation

Needing more than a standard logo,
Online Flooring Store briefed our in-house
designer with their target market, product
offering and preferred colour palate.

The result? A logo that stands out from other
websites in this niche (and one that portrays
the brand as Australia’s #1 in high-end flooring
options for your home).

Key Features

  • Video implementation to capture their audience
  • Team of highly experienced developers seamlessly handled the WordPress and WooCommerce (E-Commerce) integration
  • Strong, engaging content from Digital Hitmen’s team of copywriters that converts potential customers into real leads

Key features of the website
Customised e-commerce solution

And More...

  • Interactive image gallery
  • Custom calculator that identifies the quantity of flooring required (based on the size and shape of room)
  • Optimised for all devices including desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Product filtering that enables customers to easily search for products based on price, colour, style, brand etc.

457% increase in organic traffic in 12 months

Graphs Online Flooring

How Did This Impact Organic Traffic?

We have also taken over Quedos’ SEO campaign. In the first 3 months alone, their organic traffic was up a staggering 30%.
We expect this to improve even further in the coming months as significant link building and content creation strategies take effect.
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73% increase 3 months

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Client Testimonial

Online Flooring Store Testimonial

“Having been in the industry for over 20 years, I’ve long had a dream to create Australia’s biggest online flooring website.

I have known Brad from Digital Hitmen for a few years now and I have seen his amazing SEO first-hand. I knew that he was the guy for the job and so we started the Online Flooring Store website in 2018.

I couldn’t be happier with the end result – it really is an amazing website. Brad continues to work on the SEO for me and the leads are starting to come in thick and fast now. Thanks Brad (and Flick, Levi, Henry and the rest of the team that worked on the website)!”