Quedos Billiard Tables

Project Details

Client: Quedos

Website: https://quedos.com.au

Categories: Web Design, Branding & Business Strategy

Date: March, 2018

Who are Quedos?

Quedos make exceptional, top-of-the-line pool, billiard and snooker tables. We knew they were the very best in Australia the moment we stepped foot in their showroom. The problem was, customers browsing the Internet didn’t know this.

Why? Their website was extremely dated and lacked any clear flow or identity. In stepped Digital Hitmen.

After an in-depth business strategy session, we custom built their branding and website from scratch. The result was an amazing looking website that properly showcases their industry leading products.

What Next?

We have also taken over Quedos’ SEO campaign. In the first 3 months alone, their organic traffic was up a staggering 30%. We expect this to improve even further in the coming months as significant link building and content creation strategies take effect.


Use the sliders below to compare the OLD Quedos website vs the NEW, custom designed Digital Hitmen website.