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Who is Relish Mama?

Relish Mama is Melbourne’s premier cooking school and dinner party experience. After opening the Relish Mama doors in early 2009, Nellie has shared her wealth of cooking knowledge with tens of thousands of Australian (and international) visitors looking to expand their cooking repertoire.

Today, Relish Mama offers a range of cooking classes; from rustic winter favourites, to delectable desserts, and a range of international cuisines including Portugese, Thai, Greek, Italian, French and many more.

Nellie contacted Digital Hitmen to build a website that could handle a significant number of different classes, timeslots, booking options and visitors. In addition to the booking process working seamlessly on the backend, the frontend had to portray her brand as the up-scale (and fun) experience that is has become famous for.

Digital Hitmen’s teams of web designers, web developers and in-house SEO experts delivered a website that is unmatched in the cooking school niche anywhere in Australia. We couldn’t be happier – and Nellie couldn’t be either!

Their website on iPad and iPhone

How Did This Impact Organic Traffic?

Due to a significant improvement in on-page SEO, Relish Mama’s organic traffic has increased by a remarkable 59% since the new website’s launch in August 2018.

In addition, conversion rates have increased substantially – leading to a huge increase in online bookings and enquiries.

59% increase in 4 months
Relish Mama beforeDigital Hitmen's new and improved website


Use the sliders to compare the old Relish Mama website to the new, custom designed Relish Mama website by Digital Hitmen.

  • Improved conversion rates through a fully customised e-commerce solution with an online booking service
  • Significantly improved tablet and mobile responsiveness
  • Substantial increase in online traffic by using targeted on-page SEO

Client Testimonial

“We turned to Digital Hitmen after a very poor experience with another
web developer. Digital Hitmen were highly recommended to us and we
are sincerely grateful for this.

Our website required a lot of custom work. They went above and beyond,
were professional from the get-go, and always kept us in the loop.

Digital Hitmen are a pleasure and a joy to work with.”