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Who Are Vie Financial?

Vie Financial is a Tasmanian-based financial services provider with access to one of the largest panels of loan funders and insurers in Australia.

With partnerships with over 40 lending institutions, they provide their customers with tailored solutions to suit their individual circumstances; specialising in structured finance, insurance and banking facilities.

As experts in home loans, refinancing, construction loans, commercial property lending, property investment loans, personal loans, and a range of other financial solutions, Vie Financial are one of Tasmania’s leading finance and mortgage broker specialists.

Google Keyword Performance

The results below are a comparison between when we started the SEO campaign (August 2018) vs the current rankings (June 2019):

Keyword: Mortgage broker Burnie 
(Ranked #1 on Google)

Keyword: Mortgage broker Devonport 
(Ranked #2 on Google)

Keyword: Mortgage broker Launceston 
(Ranked #3 on Google)

Keyword: Home loans Burnie
(Ranked #1 on Google)

Keyword: Home loans Devonport 
(Ranked #3 on Google)

Keyword: Home loans Launceston 
(Ranked #3 on Google)

How Did This Impact Organic Traffic?

In less than 12 months, organic (SEO) traffic has increased substantially. This was a result of a combination of a number of factors; including significantly improved on-page SEO optimisation, rectifying technical SEO issues, and link building from reputable external websites in the finance industry.
1800% 75%
1800% increase in less than 12 months

Client Testimonial

“We engaged the team at Digital Hitmen to assist us with our online presence and marketing campaigns.  The knowledge they have exhibited throughout all aspects of digital marketing, the level of service they have provided and the results we have achieved as an outcome of the holistic approach has been well worth the investment.”


Gene Medwin, Owner of Vie Financial

WordPress Conversion

Vie Financial’s website was previously built using static HTML. As this is redundant/inferior technology, we converted the entire website to WordPress. This resulted in:

  • Superior SEO results across a range of competitive finance terms (see below).
  • Faster page load times, secure (HTTPS) encryption, and improved mobile optimisation.
  • Significantly better performing call to actions to increase the amount of leads obtained via phone and email. This resulted in a far greater number of clients across a variety of financial services including home, construction, personal and property investment loans.

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