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Use the slider to compare the old Yoni Pleasure Palace website to the new website; designed and developed by Digital Hitmen.

  • Custom high-end design to match client’s business
  • Complete overhaul of on-page SEO elements including content, site speed, images, video and more
  • Significantly improved call to actions to increase conversions (enquiries via phone and email) for a variety of financial services

Google Keyword Performance

The results shown below are in the first 4 months since the new website was launched. Over time, these will improve even further.

Keyword: Crystal Wand 
(Ranked #2 on Google)

Keyword: Yoni Wand 
(Ranked #3 on Google)

Keyword: Buy Yoni Egg 
(Ranked #2 on Google)

Who is Yoni Pleasure Palace?

Yoni Pleasure Palace is a female-owned Australian company created in 2014 by Rosie Rees, leading Sex & Relationship Coach and founder of Women’s Nude Yoga workshops and the Naked Awakening facilitator training.

We care about sustainability and currently 95% of our parcels (inside and out) are plastic-free! We ship globally, same day post, discretely (of course!) and in compostable bags.

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How Did This Impact Organic Traffic?

In just a short 4 month period, organic (SEO) traffic has increased substantially. This was a result of a combination of significantly improved on-page SEO optimisation, and link building from reputable external websites.
28% 28%
Organic traffic up 28% last 30 days
65% 65%
Organic traffic up 65% last 60 days
239% 239%
Organic traffic last 30 days up 239% compared to same 30 day period last year

Client Testimonial

“I’m finally starting to feel completely comfortable with my self after years of not accepting having that “perfect” body and always seeing my flaws, following Rosie and her work has brought to light how perfect everyone is no matter there body shape, colour or imperfections, meditating and now starting yoga with my rose yoni egg gives me time for ME, and let’s me come back to earth and release any negativity I’m holding on to. I can’t recommend yoni pleasure palace and Rosie Rees enough. Thank you so much.”


Nichole Jay