Digital Hitmen After Hours Podcast With John Elliott

Brad, Levi, and Stev welcome John Elliott to this edition of Digital Hitmen After Hours Podcast. If the name sounds familiar, you have most likely heard a little about his story.

What Is His Story?

John Elliott was the successful owner of a large insurance firm in Perth, Elliott Insurance. At the age of 35, John retired from the corporate world. He chose to sell his home, car and other assets and used the proceeds to buy four camels and fund his amazing adventure.

John plans to spend one and a half to two years exploring Australia with 4 camels and a dog  (Yes, 4 camels!). During his journey, John plans to meet with the local people and learn about how they arrange their lives, discover interesting stories of success and fulfilment, and find the most exciting and dangerous places.

As he travels through the country, John will inform people about his charitable causes. For example, he aims to bring better access to the cutting-edge health care that detected a melanoma on John’s back. Fortunately, it was in its early stages and was operable. The early detection and treatment saved John’s life.

How Are the Digital Hitmen Connected with John?

John turned to Digital Hitmen to create a brilliant website where he can share his story. John’s site contains great ways to keep up with John and his adventures as he traverses Australia.

He has a blog where he shares his always entertaining and often hilarious tales of his travels. Digital Hitmen thought of everything to make John’s site great, including a GPS to track John and a link to donate to John’s favourite charities.

At an age when many men would focus on settling and putting down roots, John Elliott sold his assets and set out to explore Australia.

John is using his journey to raise funds and bring awareness to the need for easy access to life-saving health screenings. Without such a screening, it is likely that the melanoma on John’s back could have had far worse consequences. Feel free to follow this link for more information about how you can donate to this cause.