Episode 3

It’s a wrap! The founders of Digital Hitmen, Brad Russell and Levi Saunders, have just attended Kerwin Rae’s 3-day Nail It & Scale It event in Sydney.

Who is Kerwin Rae?

Kerwin Rae is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, investor and international speaker. His purpose is to helping business owners succeed and grow.

As one of Australia’s leading business strategists, Kerwin has consulted in 11 countries, in over 150 different industries and has taught over 100,000 people around the globe through his seminars and workshops. By employing his strategies, his clients have made in excess of $100s of millions.

What is Nail It & Scale It?

Nail It & Scale It is a 3-day intensive workshop-type event; specifically tailored for business owners wanting to achieve fast growth and peak performance across all areas of their business.

What Were Brad and Levi’s Main Takeaways?

  1. Discover why your business exists – what’s your purpose and mission?
  2. Hold regular meetings that are designed to focus on a few key tasks
  3. How to use the pillar content strategy
  4. How to create social media
  5. How to use the psychology of sales in your business

And many more!

Watch the full podcast to see how these tips can be applied to your own business.