Digital Hitmen After Hours Podcast With Revel Loughlin, Facebook Ads Expert

On this episode of the Digital Hitmen After Hours Podcast, Levi and Stev enjoy an entertaining and informative chat with Revel Loughlin. Revel is an expert on the proper use of Facebook advertisement to enhance your online presence and boost sales in the e-commerce arena.

The most relevant social media platforms come into the discussion; it is not a podcast about Facebook and nothing else. You gain unbiased opinions on the various social media platforms, and what will work best. You can also find out how everyone feels about Twitter.

The guys share some exceptionally valuable insights and tips that are clear and easy to follow. All while enjoying a lighthearted conversation and a little, or a lot of, wine.

Who Is Revel Loughlin?

Revel is a personal trainer and health coach who gained valuable experience in social media marketing while working to maximise advertising power for his fitness business.

Revel uses techniques he developed for his own advertising to assist businesses in need of social media assistance. He presently runs two successful businesses: Rockingham Transformations (formerly Rev’s Fitness) and Revs Consulting, where he puts his Facebook advertising savvy to work for other businesses.

Did Anyone Spill Insider Secrets?

While you need to watch the podcast in its entirety, you should know that Revel talked about how he hacked Facebook Ads, his top marketing strategies, social media tips and many more helpful topics.

Levi also shared ideas about things to look for when hiring new talent. He also clears up why Facebook and other social media are critical to SEO. Levi also helps the audience understand the what and why of social media signals, especially as they pertain to SEO strategies.

An avid fitness enthusiast, Revel pursued personal training after earning a bachelor of sports and leisure, Sports and Exercise from The University of Waikato in 2011.

While working on building exposure for his personal training business, Revel discovered his affinity for Facebook and other social media advertising. After his own personal success, Revel decided to help others who were in the same boat. Revel is proud of the fact that he can help those in small businesses who are often overlooked or brushed aside by large and impersonal firms.

In addition to sport and fitness activities, Revel enjoys a good glass of wine.