Tony Bryan: Sound Engineer for Jimmy Barnes & Birds of Toyko

Check out this week’s edition of the Digital Hitmen After Hours Podcast. In this energising episode, Brad enjoys a chat with Tony Bryan. Tony is a front of house sound engineer who has more than two decades of experience in the music industry.

Who has Tony worked with on tour? Included in Tony’s extensive resume are Jimmy Barnes, Parkway Drive, Grinspoon, and Birds of Tokyo, just to name a few.

Tony doubtlessly has more than a few exciting adventures about the road. Hopefully, he will decide to share a few with Brad during their time on the podcast.

What Else is Tony Involved In?

Tony is a part of the team at Audio Technik, a business that specialises in audio equipment sales, as well as hiring out audio equipment. Those planning events are able to relax knowing the audio is in the hands of experienced professionals like Tony.

Drop by Audio Technik’s website to find out more about all of their products and services at

What Is the Most Stressful Part of Running the Front of the House Sound?

Because the job makes him the go-between for the band and the audience, the work of audio technicians can practically make or break a band. His work is more of an art form than high tech mixing.

What Other Hobbies Does Tony Enjoy?

Given the nature of his job and the amount of travel involved, there is not much free time. However, Tony enjoys watching motor racing when he has the chance.

What Is Next for Tony?

Jimmy Barnes has an upcoming Australian and international tour, so Tony is spending time preparing for the concerts. He will travel the entire tour with Jimmy Barnes making sure everything is just right.

Does Tony Give Away Any Juicy Tour Stories?

Watch the full podcast to find out more…

Tony was in his mid-teens when he first discovered his passion for sound engineering. Although his first jobs in the music industry involved pushing equipment and working in the lighting department, Tony diligently worked at whatever was in front of him.

His hard work led him to become a front of house sound engineer and travel the world with some of Australia’s most popular bands. Tony’s infectious enthusiasm for the music industry is vibrantly apparent.