Airwave, The World's First Inflatable Surf Reef

Our guest this week has a truly incredible idea that could change beaches (and beachside towns) all over the world. After 10 years of research, design, patenting and product development, Troy Bottegal is ready to install and test the world’s first inflatable surf reef.

Did We Say Inflatable Surf Reef?

Yes! Airwave is an inflatable surf reef that can bring waves to every beach with a swell in a simple, safe and eco-friendly way. Visit for more details.

Where Will the First Airwave Be Installed?

This amazing technology is expected to be set up at a beach in the south-west town of Bunbury, Western Australia, in November 2019. Mr. Bottegal said it would be trialled for at least 12 months.

Besides the Waves, What Are the Benefits?

Airwave has a number of unique benefits including:

  •  Added value to local real estate, boost local beach usage, stimulate tourist revenue and attract more population to the areas where an Airwave is installed
  •  Eco-friendly
  •  Easily installed and removed
  •  The top of the Airwave is filled with air, so it is softer than hard reef or sand (therefore providing a safer surfing alternative)

Watch the full podcast to learn more about this incredible idea 😉

Troy Bottegal is a husband, dad, passionate surfer, food lover and an entrepreneur. He and his wife are the founders and owners of Peko Peko Japanese Restaurants; which are located at several venues across Western Australia.

With a love for the ocean, and harbouring a natural creative streak within, Troy is starting an exciting new venture: Airwave, The World’s First Inflatable Surf Reef.

His down-to-earth nature and sense of humour make Troy the ultimate podcast guest.

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