Digital Hitmen Talks With Rosie Rees, Founder of Women's Nude Yoga

Today’s episode of The Digital Hitmen After Hours Podcast was entertaining and enlightening on several different levels. Stev and Brad spoke with entrepreneur Rosie Rees on this edition of the podcast.

The focus of Rosie’s business is helping women to feel confident and sexually empowered. She achieves this through women’s nude yoga as well as through products sold at her online store, Yoni Pleasure Palace.

Rosie’s area of business raised several interesting topics of conversation between our panellists. The Digital Hitmen staff believe Brad was just a slight bit uncomfortable at times. However, the entire podcast was very professional as it traversed some sensitive and occasionally delicate subject matter.

Who Is Rosie Rees?

Rosie founded Women’s Nude Yoga as a way to help women move beyond the stereotypical body image deemed attractive by society. She wants women to feel confident and comfortable within their bodies and discover that they do not have to look a specific way to be beautiful.

Rosie is also the force behind Yoni Pleasure Palace. It is an online store that specialises in products geared towards self-pleasure. The products are natural in origin, and many products come from glass, crystals, and stone sources.

What Did Rosie, Brad, and Stev Talk about on the Podcast?

A wide variety of topics found their way into this week’s podcast.

One that all of the panellists felt strongly about was the inadequate nature of sexual education for young people. Often those charged with educating children about sex will reinforce long-held taboos regarding self- pleasure.

Because schools provide very little detailed information about sex and sexuality, most people learn about sex from their friends or as Rosie pointed out, about 40 per cent of people learn about sex from watching porn. All panellists agreed that this practice is unrealistic and unsafe.

Rosie feels that helping women to move from a place of objectification to a safe place where they can accept themselves and their bodies free from continual judgement and unrealistic expectations.

Rosie believes that it is vital to tap into the spiritual aspects of our sexuality and believes strongly in the healing power of crystals.

Aside from running her businesses, Rosie will meet one-on-one with clients to help them on journeys of self-discovery and healing. She is also a popular speaker who frequently draws large crowds to hear information about topics generally considered taboo.