Digital Hitmen Talks With Rosie Rees, Founder of Women's Nude Yoga

Watch as the normally reserved Brad discusses some unfamiliar topics with Rosie Rees.

Who is Rosie?

Rosie is the founder of women’s nude yoga and creator of Yoni Pleasure Palace – an online boutique selling high quality crystal sex toys.

Learn more on her website at

What Was Discussed on the Podcast?

Brad, Stevo and Rosie discuss a range of topics; from naked yoga, to yoni eggs, to self pleasure.

How Did Brad React?

The team at Digital Hitmen think he was a little uncomfortable 😳 in some parts of the podcast.

Watch the full episode to judge for yourself

Regarded as a change-maker, trail-blazer and boundary-crosser; Rosie Rees challenges societal norms and is leading the way in normalising nudity and female sexual pleasure. Her mission is to make every woman feel sexually empowered and confident in her body!