Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Keeping up with the rapid changes in the marketing industry is a mind-boggling task. Subtle nuances and sweeping changes occur with stunning regularity and not keeping pace with the shifts can have disastrous consequences for your business.

With so many alterations in digital marketing, you need to vigilantly track the latest developments as well as the predictions for up and coming trends.

Here are nine trends that your business could benefit from in the coming year.


AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Mere decades ago, artificial intelligence was a topic of the science fiction genre. Today AI is a growing force in numerous aspects of our lives, and there are indications that AI has only just begun to shape the landscape of digital marketing. It is presently the leading tech with the greatest expected year-over-year growth. Slightly over half of digital marketers use AI and its planned use in 2019 adds another 27% more marketing users.


What are the Biggest Forms of AI Presently in Use?

While artificial intelligence is still an emerging piece of technology, it is clear that some types of AI are already making themselves quite useful.

  • Chatbots – These chatbots provide fast and accurate responses for information requests and customer service-based inquiries.
  • AI Augmented PPC Ads – AI can help you uncover channels you did not know existed, optimise targeting, and test various advertising platforms.
  • Real-Time Personalisation – By using AI to improve your customers’ experiences, you will also up your conversion rates.
  • Intelligent Personalisation of Email – You can quickly make your emails more memorable and relevant to your customers with AI personalisation.


Voice Search

We all remember a time when gearing your SEO to land in the top five or even on the first page of a search was the goal. With the advent and fine-tuning of reliable and affordable voice search options, the customary ideas regarding SEO are out the window. Those operating in the digital marketplace now aim to be the top two sites given in a search because, when asked, a voice search will not rattle off a list of the top five or ten of anything.

As a useful consumer helper and SEO gamechanger, voice search is just getting started. Researchers expect an unchecked, rapid growth of voice search in 2019 and beyond. Adapting to a future with decreasing screen time is a major challenge for businesses in the coming years.


What Are the Top Personal Assisting Devices?

  • Alexa by Amazon
  • Bixby by Samsung
  • Cortana by Microsoft
  • Google Assistant by Google
  • Siri by Apple



Because the digital marketplace is so connected, authenticity is an absolute must if you seek to gain and maintain customer loyalty. There is quite literally no place to hide from public scrutiny in today’s world, so an honest portrayal of your business is the intelligent business owner’s only option.


Being Authentic as a Brand is Important to Consumers


The best feature of authenticity as a part of a digital marketing strategy is the fact that it links you to your customers in a closer way than flashy, funny, or unorthodox strategies. You want the trust of your base because when a mishap occurs, consumers with solidly established loyalty are more likely to stand behind you.


What Are a Few Ways to Build Authenticity in My Brand?

  • Honesty Above All Else – Even the most loyal customer can spot a fraud. In all of your dealings, be sure to be upfront with your customer base. The lasting impact of customers who feel misled is huge as well as cumulative.
  • Customisation and Concern – When you allow your customers to see that they truly matter, you strengthen your bond with them and present yourself as a person who believes the customer is valuable.
  • Avoid Reinventing Yourself or Your Brand – While all businesses understand the idea of spicing up their image, often the heart of the brand is lost when changes are constant.
  • Stay on Topic and Be Direct – Whether you are in damage control mode or you are simply reaching out to touch your customers, be sure all of your messages are coherent, congruent, and calm. Otherwise, you run a risk of appearing unstable.



Using video as a part of a marketing campaign is a tough strategy to beat. The medium is not the next big thing, it is already a huge part of digital marketing and will only continue to grow.

Researchers have a convincing array of numbers that display the reach of video marketing.


Video marketing continues to grow


Visual Search

Another game-changer in the digital marketplace is visual search. Google rolled out “Lens” in 2017, explaining it as a hybrid of the conventional online search. Instead of typing a question, use your smartphone to allow Lens to see an object and give you information about it in text.

While the technology used in the visual search is not yet on par with the human mind’s ability to process images, machines are learning these skills. We have no reason to believe this will fade away anytime soon — especially given the fact that visual search is extremely efficient.



There is no debate about the effectiveness of intersecting social media and digital marketing, the consumers speak for themselves. Results of a survey conducted by the publisher, Bustle, are crystal clear.

  • A convincing 81% of responders say social media is the best way for businesses to reach them
  • Of those who preferred social media, 40% say Instagram is the prime way for a business to connect

Using Instagram is a winning trend that meshes the importance of authenticity with a level of entertainment. Together, these methods make a meaningful connection with Instagram users.


Visual elements of digital marketing continue to increase



Not very long ago, podcasts were a fringe form of entertainment. More recently, however, podcasts are dominating a big share of your potential customer base.

According to a study from Infinite Dial, consumers tune in to podcasts regularly. The majority will stay tuned in through the entirety of the broadcast and podcasts are the popular form of drive time entertainment thanks to the advances of technology that give a seamless connection to your car and mobile device.


How Can Podcasts Help My Business?

  • A Personal Connection – When your customers hear your audio, they gain a sense of familiarity. This is especially true if you consistently produce podcasts giving your base a chance to relate to you on a different level.
  • Strengthen Awareness of Your Brand – A simple podcast that highlights an area of expertise is an excellent platform to build your brand. For example, if you are an interior designer, a podcast series on aspects of design lends itself to offering your professional services.
  • Gives You a Voice – Broadcasting your passion and skills puts you ahead of the pack of your competitors and singles out your voice and message.



While the idea of retargeting is not new, it is a marketing strategy that is gaining more traction in the internet marketplace. Researchers estimate that approximately 2% of visitors to a web page actually converts to a sale. That leaves a whopping 98% of visitors who left your site before sealing the deal on a purchase.

Clearly, that is a huge segment of site traffic left untapped. In order to convert a portion of the 98%, a savvy marketer employs retargeting.


What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a way to give visitors to your web page additional opportunities to view your site. You accomplish this by using cookies to mark visitors and sending those who leave without purchasing an ad or series of ads aimed at their return to and purchase from your web page.


What are Some Benefits of Retargeting?

  • Remind your customer that they were thinking of buying something
  • Resolve issues of cart abandonment
  • Build your brand by increasing exposure to your site

It is important to note that retargeting works best as a part of a series of digital marketing tactics, as retargeting alone may not drive new traffic to your site.


Digital Content Marketing


Content Marketing

It may come as a surprise to learn that even in 2019, content is still king. Savvy consumers are not willing to suffer tired and recycled advertisements, and enterprises eager to get their business will need to employ factual, engaging, and useful content. While this traditionally referred to written content, there is a surge in meaningful visual content moving forward.

In addition to scrutiny from consumers, companies relying on ads alone may find themselves out in the cold because of the increased popularity and improved quality of ad blockers.


Why Does Content Still Matter?

  • In the realm of the digital marketplace, excellent content stands out from your competition
  • Blogging useful content can increase your traffic as much as five times more than those sites without blogs
  • The majority of potential customers are drawn in by quality visual content

Clearly, a sophisticated and multidimensional approach to content is your best option for success with this trend.

The hottest digital marketing trends hold power to accelerate your business. Unfortunately, the converse is true. If you do not take action, you may find your business is left behind the competition.

You do not need to be overwhelmed by the enormity of the constant digital marketing shifts; a digital marketing agency can simplify the process, keep up with the trends, and put your business in the fast lane to success.

Contact Digital Hitmen and set up your free digital strategy session. Digital marketing can make or break your business. Don’t you owe it to yourself to get advice from experts with a successful track record?