Adam Brown

Originally from the UK, Adam has been back and forth from Australia a number of times. He began his journey into marketing after graduating from Teesside University in 2013 with a bachelor's degree in Multimedia Journalism.

After graduating, he has worked in a range of digital marketing roles, including SEO, content management, photography, videography and social media. These roles were in both the UK and Germany, giving him great life experience of a variety of businesses and cultures.

Working in various large and small European companies has allowed him to gain a great understanding of every level of marketing. How these companies operate, the techniques and strategies that work, and importantly, those that do not.

While his background has been digital, the industries he has worked in have been varied, from e-commerce to soccer, hospitality to fashion. This has enabled him to turn his creativity and experience to a range of new industries and businesses.

At Digital Hitmen, this background has been integral to delivering high-quality content for clients (including blogs, SEO strategies, photography and video content). He is continually looking to learn and increase his knowledge of the digital space.

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