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Social media is the fastest way to build recognition and make an impact on your brand. We can make it happen.

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Content creation

Powerful storytelling that attracts, resonates, and forms deep connections with your audience.
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Consistent branding

We build trust and loyalty for your brand with consistent messaging, visuals, and tone of voice.

Community engagement

Promoting active participation and deep conversations to strengthen connections and brand loyalty.
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Grow your brand and encourage followers to stay

Your customers are hanging out with the competition, but you can get in between them with a tailored social media marketing strategy that’s designed to boost recognition, engagement, and conversions.

Our creative social media team in Perth can guide you in selecting the ideal social media platforms to focus on and manage the entire process so you can capture the right audience.

From engaging social profiles and compelling content creation, to interacting with followers and strategic brand messaging, we help your business connect with a crowd that will become lifelong supporters.

Don't blend into the background, be the highlight of your audience's feed

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Begin your social experience with us

Going viral is a great goal to set, but consistent engagement is what truly impacts your online presence. At Digital Hitmen, you’ll get a team of specialists working on your campaign that:

  • Stay ahead so you don’t have to, keeping up with social media rules, hashtags, and digital marketing trends.
  • Know how to revive stagnant profiles, nurturing a following that want to see your updates.
  • Hang out where your audience does, ensuring your brand remains relevant, memorable and consistent.
You’ll also know what’s working and where to refine with real-world results that our digital marketing strategy is driving for your business growth.

What social network are your customers on? We will help connect you to the right ones.

Social media services that reach the next level

Our goal is to help you attract your target audience and keep them coming back,
so why not share how our approach?

01. Discovery and strategy

Our favourite part is listening to your team and getting to know your business, brand, and audience. During this stage, we’ll audit your profiles and analyse competitors to develop a tailored social media strategy across the platforms that best align with your needs.

02. Content creation and scheduling

With a team of skilled copywriters, graphic designers and social media experts, we will produce inspirational, informative and on-brand content, complete with eye-catching visuals, graphics, and animations. We’ll schedule posts in advance, ensuring your profiles stay active and relevant.

03. Engagement and growth

We utilise social media listening tools to monitor brand mentions to see where we can actively engage on behalf of your business. Plus, we foster positive interactions with the community that’s already seeking out your services.

04. Reporting and optimisation

Your profiles need to be continuously tweaked and tailored to fit your growing audience and changing industry. Through transparent reporting, A/B split testing, and in-house experiments with our SEO team, we will make sure that you’re always getting the best results out of your social media accounts and the content they’re sharing.
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A Perth social media agency that believes in your brand

Partnering with Digital Hitmen means you’re choosing a team that values your brand just as much as our own.

Beyond mere metrics, we strive for connections that foster trust, loyalty, and a lasting bond between your brand and its audience.

Through tailored social media strategies and campaigns, we ensure every social post, comment, and share echoes your brand and connects deeply with your target audience.

We approach each campaign with a focus and belief that remains.

We’re an extension of your brand.

Social media platforms are sometimes the only place where customers interact with your brand. Would you trust your brand with just anyone. We are committed to being invaluable partners to every client. We take the time to understand and embrace your brand personality, representing it with care.

Commitment to your long-term growth

Any Perth marketing agency can drive engagement, but it takes a strategic partner to translate likes and follows into measurable business outcomes. Our social media experts have the skills and drive that help maximise your online presence by aligning with your core business objectives.

We understand the social signals

Social media marketing strategies are constantly changing, and you don’t want to waste money on a trial-and-error approach. Our deep knowledge of changing algorithms and trends allow us to consistently generate and optimise social signals that give you the best results across all platforms.

Join an social media team that goes beyond the expected

Social media marketing involves using a variety of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok to promote your brand and sell your product or service with engaging content.

Organic social focuses on building your brand loyalty by creating and sharing content without any paid promotion.

The aim is to increase your social reach through shares and engagement, such as likes and comments, while nurturing a positive brand image through authentic interactions.

Working with a trusted and reliable social media marketing agency in Perth can help convert your social media audience into leads.

A lot of digital marketing agencies are multi-faceted and have the skills and resources for quality graphic design, paid social media, influencer marketing, content strategies, reputation management, search optimisation and more.

A social media marketing agency creates unique and compelling content that in a variety of formats for different social media platforms. The content can be anything from blog posts, YouTube videos, Instagram reels and highlights, Facebook stories, and more.

They come up with customised solutions that include timing of posts, content optimisation, and digital strategies that aim to boost social visibility through search and advertising.

No, our social media packages only include organic social media marketing campaigns. The aim of these campaigns is to increase your organic reach on social media using relevant content for your audience.

We do offer Google Ads and Facebook Ads for businesses in Perth and other parts of Australia, but these are a separate service.

Yes, our packages cater to all sizes and budgets. We offer a range of affordable solutions for small Perth businesses, right up to large national and international businesses.

Our monthly reporting will be customised depending on your goals and our strategy. We identify key metrics that mean the most for your business including followers, engagement and reach.

Our team are experts in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter and Pinterest. You can choose up to three of these platforms for your campaign.

We require a minimum of six months commitment. This allows us time to develop a thorough, long-term strategy that will produce the best results for your business.

If you don’t have your own high-quality photos or videos, we can provide these for an additional cost.

We have experienced photographers and videographers in Perth that would love to bring your brand to life.

Each client is assigned a content manager and a designer. They work as a team to create branded content that aligns with the content strategy.

Let’s work together

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