DH Landing page.

The Ultimate Guide to Landing Pages and Why They Convert so Well

Well designed landing pages lead to better SEO results, a higher conversion rate, and more leads (or sales). Learn what a landing page is, see examples, discover why they convert so well, and much more!

Digital Hitmen Rich Snippet

How Rich Snippets Can Increase Website Traffic

A rich snippet is a search result that Google displays containing information about the search topic. When utilised properly, they can lead to a huge influx of organic visitors to your website.

Many e-commerce businesses today use email marketing.

Why Does My Business Need Email Marketing?

Email marketing provides you with one of the most significant returns on investment, about $42 for every $1 spent. With such an outstanding ROI, is your business taking advantage?

Digital Hitman

Google Analytics: What Is It and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Google Analytics is a FREE tool that tracks activity on your website such as sources of traffic, user behaviour and demographics, conversions, and more. Learn why it’s critical for any business and how to take advantage of its many benefits.

A social media calendar is important for planning your marketing strategy on social media in advance.

A Complete Guide to Creating a Social Media Content Plan

How can you stay on top of social media posts and share engaging content? The key is a well-planned social media content plan (calendar). Learn what a social media calendar is, how to create one, what content to share, and useful tools to maximise the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.

A good site structure can be highly beneficial for your SEO and your users.

What You NEED to Know About Website Architecture

Learn what website architecture is, why it should form the foundation of a successful SEO campaign, and best practices to help you maximise visits, leads and sales.