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How Google AI Overviews will affect your digital marketing strategies

Learn what AI Overviews are, the implications on your digital marketing strategy, and future SEO trends that will help you prepare for the roll-out.

Brad Russell

Brad Russell

SEO Expert & Director

Google AI Overviews in motion


Google Helpful Content Update: Who were the winners and losers?

How to navigate Google’s Helpful Content Update: Learn why real expertise now beats SEO tactics in rankings and how to revitalise your website’s content strategy.


Google Gemini is coming (Google’s new AI model)

Google’s AI model, Gemini, is launching soon. Learn what Google Gemini is, when it will be launched in Australia, and what impact it will have on SEO strategies now and in the future.

Digital marketing

The top digital marketing trends and must-haves in 2024

Embracing the power of digital marketing is essential for business growth. Discover the key digital marketing trends and current must-haves that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Discover the key digital marketing trends for 2024 and current must-haves from our content and branding expert, Matylda.
Digital marketing

Colour psychology 101: The strategic role of colour in marketing

In this blog post, we explain why colour is so important in marketing (particularly in this digital age), and what you can accomplish by correctly using colour throughout your targeted marketing campaigns.

Colour psychology

Good vs bad backlinks: Why not all backlinks are made equal

Backlinks serve as valuable references from other websites and inform search engines that your content is credible and useful. Even in 2023, they can make or break your rankings. Not all backlinks are created equal, however. Here’s why.

Website backlinks, otherwise known as incoming links, are one of the most important and valuable assets in your SEO toolbox.

Why content pruning could be the next step in your SEO plan

Content pruning boosts your site’s overall health and ranking potential. If you want to learn how to prune content to optimise your website for search engines (and get better rankings), follow the steps in this guide.

your guide to content pruning

SEO for e-commerce: Tips for your business

A well-optimised e-commerce website is crucial if you sell things online and wish to reach the largest possible audience. If you’re new to SEO or just looking for tactics to drive traffic to your store, this blog post is for you.

SEO for Ecommerce: Tips to grow your business

Best ecommerce platform for Australian businesses

This guide compares the top five Ecommerce platforms, providing valuable insights that can help you decide where you and your customers will have the best online shopping experience.

Choosing the best E-commerce platform for your business.

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