UX Design Trends to Improve SEO

Six UX Design Trends That Will Improve Your SEO

As it enhances your customers’ visit, great user experience (UX) also improves your SEO. We outline the UX trends you should be taking advantage of for improved SEO results and conversion rates.

Free Tools to Help You Prepare for the Google Page Experience Update

8 Free Tools to Help You Prepare for the 2021 Google Page Experience Update

Ready or not, Google’s Page Experience Update will be rolled out in May 2021. Not quite ready? You can use a number of free tools to ensure your website passes Google’s Core Web Vitals test (and doesn’t suffer a drop in rankings).

Changing trends in digital marketing and SEO in 2021

SEO and Digital Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2021

Want more traffic to your website this year? Learn about the hottest digital marketing and SEO trends to utilise in 2021. Plus, we provide actionable tips that will help you reach your true online potential.

Facebook Ad vs Boosting a Post

Facebook Ads vs Boosting a Post: What’s the Difference?

Learn about the key differences between Facebook Ads and boosted posts. By choosing the best option for your business, you’ll get more reach, a more targeted audience, and ultimately a better ROI on your advertising spend.

Repurpose existing content

Repurposing: How to Get More From Existing Content

It is no secret that excellent and engaging content is essential for your company’s SEO wellbeing. Rather than coming up with new content, which can take a lot of research and time, repurposing existing content can have far greater benefits. Here’s how you do it.

Google Page Experience Update will focus on UX and UI

The Google Page Experience Update: How to Survive in 2021

Google recently announced it would make changes to its search algorithm in 2021. The Google Page Experience Update delves into site metrics known as Core Values. These are how users’ real-world experiences stack up against similar sites. Are you prepared?

Google My Business (Maps) Ads for Local Businesses

What the New Google Maps Ad Features Will Mean for Your Business

The latest version of Google Maps will make promoting your business easier and more effective. When a customer makes a local query, Google Maps presents an enhanced experience aimed at helping connect them with the most convenient places to find what they are seeking. Here’s our top tips to help you take advantage of this feature.

Create a good customer experience that your customers crave

Creating the Customer Experience Your Customers Crave

What can you do to set yourself apart from the rest of the digital pack so that you gain and retain customers? By giving them something no one else can or will; amazing customer experience at every touchpoint. Here’s how.

Adapt your marketing strategy to survive COVID-19 (and beyond)

What Important Marketing Lessons Has COVID-19 Taught Us?

Adapting your marketing strategy to survive COVID-19 (and beyond) is an important lesson many business owners have had to face. By following our marketing tips, your business can not only survive, but eventually thrive.

Maximise sales during and after Click Frenzy Mayhem

Click Frenzy Success: How to Maximise Sales During & After This Online Shopping Event

Known as the largest shopping event in the first six months of the calendar year, Click Frenzy Mayhem helps retailers boost their online sales in an otherwise quiet time of the year. This guide helps you maximise sales and exposure to new customers.