What is your ideal free shipping threshold?

The Psychology of Free Shipping: How to Set the Right Threshold for Your Business

As e-commerce dominates a huge percentage of businesses around the globe, owners and managers continue to scramble to find ways to separate themselves from their competition. A popular and successful strategy is to offer customers free shipping once their online purchases reach a designated amount. A key component to this plan working in your favour…

Local SEO can help small businesses

Local SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

When is the last time you thought about your SEO and search ranking? Many business owners believe that optimising is a one and done proposition. This is not the case, especially when considering local SEO rankings.   Why Should Businesses Focus on Local Seo? SEO rankings still matter, a lot. However, local search rankings are…


Instagram Hiding Likes is Sending Shock Waves Through the Influencer Community

When social media giant Instagram announced the company would remove visible likes on posts, shock waves rumbled through the platform. After all, if no one could see who liked particular images, how could others be influenced to also like and engage with the content? Social media marketing also saw hiding likes as a huge potential problem.…

Social media platforms for businesses

Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Business?

In our virtual marketplace, gaining attention and connecting are crucial components of competition. Your business needs a good social media presence. Too many businesses are missing out by either not having a social media presence, or by using poorly targeted social media ads. Many businesspeople are familiar with the staggering statistics found when tracking Aussie…

Define Your Target Audience

A Guide to Define Your Target Audience

Typical business owners realise that success in today’s virtual marketplace is a multifaceted process. Maintaining an SEO optimised website that functions equally well on mobile and desktop, staying on top of a thriving social media account across many platforms, consistently creating interesting, fresh, and useful blog posts are just the tip of the iceberg for…