Is SEO or Google Ads better for your business?

SEO or Google Ads, Where Should Your Money Go?

Two online advertising components of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) presently dominating the landscape are Google Ads and SEO. Knowing this, the biggest question for most small to medium-sized businesses remains, which option is best for my company? In order to answer that question, let’s take a look at both Google Ads and SEO.

Now is the perfect time to double up on your SEO

Why You Should Double Up on Your SEO, Right Now

Some businesses have reduced their marketing budgets during the recent coronavirus-related downturn. However, with reduced competition and the lagging nature of SEO, now is the perfect time to double down on your SEO efforts. Here’s why.

How Businesses Are Assisting With the Coronavirus Crisis

Handing Out Help and Hope: How Businesses Are Assisting With the Coronavirus Crisis

Learning about the many ways that businesses are reaching out to help others, from behind quarantined doors, is encouraging and inspiring. Here are several excellent examples of doing something while keeping others (and yourself) safe.

Prepare your business for success after the coronavirus pandemic

5 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Success After the Coronavirus Pandemic

If you notice business associates running around with a sky is falling attitude, remind yourself that there are steps you can take to help your business maintain itself now. Additionally, these steps will help your business to prosper after the world bounces back from this unprecedented event.

What is your ideal free shipping threshold?

The Psychology of Free Shipping: How to Set the Right Threshold for Your Business

As e-commerce dominates a huge percentage of businesses around the globe, owners and managers continue to scramble to find ways to separate themselves from their competition. A popular and successful strategy is to offer customers free shipping once their online purchases reach a designated amount. A key component to this plan working in your favour…

Recover your Google rankings after the Medic update

How to Recover Your Google Rankings After the Medic Update

  Even though the Medic update first appeared in mid 2018, it is still affecting a huge number of websites today. This article will help you recover lost rankings as a result of the Google Medic algorithm update.   2018: The Medic Update is Rolled Out Google keeps making algorithm changes to enhance the user…

SEO trends to take advantage of in 2020

Which SEO Trends Should You Be Taking Advantage of in 2020?

If you spend any amount of time working on your business’ SEO, you have probably noticed that Google’s favoured search criteria is consistently adapting to keep up with technological advances and public preferences. While this aids in the accuracy searchers receive, it can make optimising your company’s SEO a struggle. It is not always easy…

Web design trends to improve web experience

10 Web Design Trends to Create a Kick-Ass Website in 2020

Believe it or not, now is time to polish up your website for the new year (and beyond). As always, it is important to do all you can to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Making sure your website ticks all of the boxes for SEO is crucial. However, have you put much thought…

What are Instagram Saves

Instagram Saves: Everything You Need To Know To Grow Your Account

Recently, Instagram shook social media when the titan announced it would hide likes on posts in several countries. Instagram is providing users with a new favourite measure for post popularity, the Instagram save. The Instagram save feature is not a new addition to the options for post interaction (the feature debuted in late 2016). However,…

Google My Business is A Great Local SEO Tool

How to Optimise Your Google My Business Listing (For More Local Leads)

Google My Business is an excellent source of local SEO leads. We show you how to set up an account, optimise it for better rankings on Google Maps, and easily measure its performance in Google Analytics.