Google Helpful Content Update: Who were the winners and losers?

How to navigate Google’s Helpful Content Update: Learn why real expertise now beats SEO tactics in rankings and how to revitalise your website’s content strategy.

Brad Russell

Brad Russell

SEO Expert & Director

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Google Gemini is coming (Google’s new AI model)

Google’s AI model, Gemini, is launching soon. Learn what Google Gemini is, when it will be launched in Australia, and what impact it will have on SEO strategies now and in the future.

Website backlinks, otherwise known as incoming links, are one of the most important and valuable assets in your SEO toolbox.

Good vs bad backlinks: Why not all backlinks are made equal

Backlinks serve as valuable references from other websites and inform search engines that your content is credible and useful. Even in 2023, they can make or break your rankings. Not all backlinks are created equal, however. Here’s why.

your guide to content pruning

Why content pruning could be the next step in your SEO plan

Content pruning boosts your site’s overall health and ranking potential. If you want to learn how to prune content to optimise your website for search engines (and get better rankings), follow the steps in this guide.

Digital Hitmen Rich Snippet

How rich snippets can increase website traffic

A rich snippet is a search result that Google displays containing information about the search topic. When utilised properly, they can lead to a huge influx of organic visitors to your website.

A good site structure can be highly beneficial for your SEO and your users.

Website architecture: Best practices for SEO

Learn what website architecture is, why it should form the foundation of a successful SEO campaign, and best practices to help you maximise visits, leads and sales.

Free Tools to Help You Prepare for the Google Page Experience Update

Google page experience: 8 free tools for your business

Ready or not, Google’s Page Experience Update will be rolled out in May 2021. Not quite ready? You can use a number of free tools to ensure your website passes Google’s Core Web Vitals test (and doesn’t suffer a drop in rankings).

Repurpose existing content

Repurposing: how to get more from existing content

It is no secret that excellent and engaging content is essential for your company’s SEO wellbeing. Rather than coming up with new content, which can take a lot of research and time, repurposing existing content can have far greater benefits. Here’s how you do it.

Is SEO or Google Ads better for your business?

SEO or Google Ads: Where should your money go?

Two online advertising components of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) presently dominating the landscape are Google Ads and SEO. Knowing this, the biggest question for most small to medium-sized businesses remains, which option is best for my company? In order to answer that question, let’s take a look at both Google Ads and SEO.

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