What is Google Gemini?

While many of the details are still yet to be released, Google is currently working on developing Gemini, a Google AI model that harnesses the technology of DeepMind’s AlphaGo system.

Google Gemini has multiple models of varying sizes and capabilities and may just be the most powerful AI yet.

Google Gemini is an LLM AI. LLM is short for ‘large language model’ and differs from other AI (artificial intelligence) because they have trained it on large amounts of pre-existing content, patterns, and other information.

This allows large language models to generate original content like blog posts, text summaries, and even write code.

How does Google AI impact SEO?

Once Google AI has officially launched and is fully incorporated into Google, search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies will likely need to be adjusted.

Google’s AI search technology is designed to showcase high-quality, customised content according to each user.

This means businesses should strive to curate a strong digital presence for their brand, with informative SEO-optimised content and social media.

Remember, Google still rewards high-quality, helpful content. They confirmed this with their latest algorithm update, the Helpful Content Update, which was rolled out in September 2023.

What are the features of Google Gemini?

Google Gemini has different capabilities and technology compared to ChatGPT and Meta’s Llama 2, despite some similarities. Some are even predicting that Google Gemini may become the preferred AI upon its release.

Its powerful features include:

  • Text and image generation
  • Training data from Google Search, YouTube, Google Books, and Google Scholar
  • Possible fact-checking sources
  • Multimodal capabilities

One of the most promising elements of Gemini so far includes the wide range of data they trained the model on, as well as its potential to access Google Search for information and fact-checking capabilities.

ChatGPT and even Google’s other language model, Bard, have been known to state incorrect information from time to time.

Fact-checking capabilities, as well as the potential to generate both text and image, hold the potential to propel Google Gemini to the front of the AI race.

Brad Russell, Digital Hitmen.

When is Google Gemini AI being launched in Australia?

While there have been rumblings of a December 2023 release date, they have made no official announcement. Google has shared Gemini with a few chosen companies, suggesting that they will likely release it to the public soon.

Google’s CEO has also publicly indicated that the development process of Google Gemini AI is going quite well. Google may release its new model sooner to stay competitive with ChatGPT-4 and other rival language models.

Stay tuned

We won’t know the exact impact that Gemini will have until it’s released. However, current projections certainly indicate that there’s a lot to be excited about with Google’s latest AI model.

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