If your company is a part of the virtual marketplace, Instagram made putting your message out to the masses easier.

In 2020, the social media platform created Instagram Guides. Initially, only select organisations that focused on well-being had access to the new format. The hope was the guides could facilitate a coming together to help each other deal with the pandemic, rising social tensions, and the mental health issues surrounding this difficult time in our world.

From there, the Instagram Guide platform experienced an expansion. In mid-November 2020, Instagram shared the news that the guides feature would now include all users (not just selected accounts).

In this post, you’ll learn what Instagram guides are, and how they can be effectively used as part of your marketing campaign.


What are Instagram guides?

When looking for a comparison, Instagram Guides can be similar to a blog post. Users can share more long posts and offer their readers more than a few snapshots or short videos, which once were Instagram’s hallmark.

A post using the guides feature can contain text complemented by images, videos, or graphics. Additionally, the Instagram Guides allows creators to post in a step by step format to offer clear direction to users. All combined, the reader gets a fuller picture of the subject matter that interests them.

The guides also help to streamline the process of compiling information on a specific topic. Material that once was accessible through other links or websites is now available in one place. This keeps Instagram users on the same site as opposed to hopping from place to place collecting desired information. Once a user clicks a link in the creator’s bio, it is a bit like one-stop-shopping; no external webpages required. For more information on Instagram and social media management, check out JPF Digital.


Authentic Instagram Followers
Authentic Instagram Followers


What is the focus?

When the Instagram Guides feature was in development, in the pre-Covid 19 days, travel was to be the focus of this addition. Once travel became discouraged and eventually forbidden in many areas, the social media app used the guide as a way to centre on well-being, mental health, and social issues.

Upon opening the arena to all users, Instagram Guide’s landscape is much broader. However, there are a few areas that Instagram Guides will concentrate on.


1. Products

Instagram Guides provides a section created to allow users a space to recommend their favourite merchandise. Instagram expressed interest in featuring the Product Guides in the site’s new shopping section called Instagram Shop sometime in the future.


2. Places

Although Instagram Guides is no longer the premier travel sharing site as initially planned, the Places Guide still can help with travel ideas. Users can use the guide to feature their favourite area in their area or other places. With Covid 19 limiting travel and recreation, Instagram Places Guide is an excellent way to get ideas for places to visit while maintaining safety or destinations to add to a post-Covid list.


3. Posts

A popular section among guides, Post Guides allows users to recommend posts they love or posts they created. As the Instagram Guides section began to take off, the Post Guides was an early favourite among users. It gives users the chance to support essential ideas and sites as well as promote their ideas all from the same place.


Where can I find someone’s guide?

You can easily access the Instagram Guide of someone you follow by heading to their profile page and clicking on the Guides icon. The icon resembles an open book.

The icon shows you all the displays of all of the guides created and shared by the profile owner. You can also tap the paper plane icon located in the top right corner of the screen to share guides with others.


Creating your own Instagram guide

In just a few simple steps, you can make an Instagram Guide feature whatever you find to be interesting. You can also base an Instagram Guide on your special skills or expertise.


Steps to create Instagram Guides


Steps to making your instagram guide:

  1. To begin, click on the plus icon located at the top right of your profile page
  2. From the ‘Create’ dropdown menu, choose ‘guide’
  3. Choose what type of guide you are creating from the ‘Choose Guide Type’ tab. You will get three choices:
    1. Places
    2. Products
    3. Posts

Choose the type of guide you want to create and start building your online presence with Instagram Guides.


Want to improve your social media presence?

Branching out into the world of Instagram Guides is a natural progression to enhance your online presence and expand your reach. Using the step by step instructions, you can open up a whole new world for your business.

However, if your time constraints do not allow room for one more project and your staff lack the expertise, consider working with a professional in the field. Trusted experts in the world of online commerce can put their creativity and skills to work for you, building your business in the process.