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Ecommerce transformation leads to 704% growth in 1 year

Online Flooring Store
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Facing digital challenges, the Online Flooring Store revamped its approach, leading to significant growth in visits, engagement, and market position.


After making key strategic changes to the Online Flooring Store’s digital approach, the results were nothing short of transformative. Here’s a quick look at the impressive turnaround they experienced over 12 months:

  • Organic visits to the Online Flooring Store saw a significant increase, rising by 704% to a total of 170k.
  • The business experienced a notable 328% boost in quality leads.
  • Page views on the site also climbed impressively, reaching over 1.05 million, a 307% growth from the previous year.

The journey of the Online Flooring Store highlights the important role of a strategically planned digital approach.

Identifying obstacles, addressing them systematically, and centring strategies around the consumer, businesses can position themselves in a highly competitive e-commerce environment and experience sustained growth and relevance in the market.


170k Organic


3k Online


Page views


Embracing digital retail transformation, Raquel and the team at Online Flooring Store sought our help to build an online shopping experience for their customers that would increase their visibility and market share.

Their objective was to integrate their wide range of competitively priced flooring products, exceptional customer service, and cost-effective installation solutions into a customised e-commerce platform.

Online Flooring Store
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Despite having an online platform with customisations in place, our client was not getting significant traffic or conversions.

The website structure also limited the ability to showcase its extensive product range and effectively communicate its unique selling points.

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Raquel Billett

“Big thanks to Digital Hitmen for our website. The design is absolutely awesome.

Tania in social media, Flick in web design, and Brad in SEO have done a fantastic job. The rankings have gone through the roof since the site went live. We have a wonderful long-term partnership with the team, a great bunch to deal with! Extremely professional company and we couldn’t be happier!”

Raquel Billet
Online Flooring Store


Identifying these challenges, a cohesive strategy was designed and implemented from our UX designers, web developers and SEO team:

  • Site audit: The foundation of our strategy was an exhaustive website technical audit. This gave us a clear indication of the issues affecting site performance, and potential issues that might hinder its performance, both in user experience and search engine visibility.


  • User experience (UX) overhaul: We recommended a new website redesign that would enable customers to journey through the flooring products seamlessly and enjoy a smooth browsing experience.


  • SEO & content: Our SEO experts devised a comprehensive keyword strategy and content plan with the objective of capturing users right from their initial online searches.


  • Engaging calls-to-action: CTAs were reimagined and strategically placed, acting as beacons and guiding customers towards the purchasing endpoint.


  • Checkout refinement: The last thing any e-commerce site wants is to lose a customer at the final hurdle. The checkout process was restructured, aiming to further enhance the conversion rate.

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