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Social media is all about stories, and the aim of every business in this digital age should be to tell powerful stories that will spark the imagination, create loyal followers, and withstand the test of time. It’s all about creating purposeful content that’s social by design, sharing it with others, and seamlessly integrating your brand into the lives of each and every customer.
Don’t let the hashtags and like buttons fool you. Social media marketing is about turning those likes into brand loyalty, creating conversions, and profits out of virtually thin air. To do so, you need a social media sniper on your side. You need Digital Hitmen.

Why Choose Us


Created a Targeted Following


Research your industry Socially


Adapt to Trends


Engage with your chosen audience


Increase Brand Visibility


Aid in People trusting your brand

Why Social Media?


Your Customers are There

A lion wouldn’t hunt for gazelle in the Pacific. It hunts where it knows its prey will be. Regardless of your industry, your customers are spending their time on social media every single day. You need to be there as well, engage with them, gain their loyalty, and become their go-to brand.

Your Company is in Their Crosshairs

If your company sells a product or offers a service, there’s a 99.999% chance there are people looking for it on Facebook, Google, and any other digital space. Our social media hitmen will ensure you’re right there in their line of sight.
Paid Search

Your Company is Being Talked About on Social Media

Your customers are talking about your company on social media, so you need to join the conversation, listen to what they’re saying, and tactfully respond to any questions or concerns. Our expert social media management team will do just that and provide executional excellence every step of the way.

Our Experts, Your Profits

With 101 things to juggle and only two hands, most marketing managers and business owners don’t have nearly enough time in the day to effectively manage their social media accounts. Our social media marketing experts can help you effectively manage each one, expand your customer base, and take your brand to new heights.

Strategic Advertising

We believe in executional excellence. This means we strategically advertise to very precise targets, not shout out loud for the entire Web to hear. By doing so, we save you money, connect your brand to your audience, and spark real business growth.

Our 4-Step Social Media Marketing Process

Step 1 – Develop a Highly Targeted Social Media Strategy

Step 1 – Develop a Highly Targeted Social Media Strategy

The very first step we take with each client is to perform in-depth market research and develop a sound marketing strategy. After all, there’s nothing worse than shooting in the dark.
During the process, we’ll perform a detailed competitive analysis, develop a buyer persona, and create a content strategy that will get you results. We’ll also develop your campaign sales funnels, design effective advertising strategies, and plan an overall roadmap for market domination.

Step 2 – Plan Content and Advertisements

Step 2 – Plan Content and Advertisements

When you sign off on the social media marketing strategy we develop in step one, the next step is to execute. This involves developing social media advertisements and content capable of making your brand stand out from the crowd in all the right ways. All content will be planned well in advance, giving you the opportunity to review anything and everything prior to being published.

Step 3 – Optimise

Step 3 – Optimise

As purveyors of executional excellence, we take great pride in our data analytics. From conversion percentages and click-through rates to customer demographics and cost-per-click, we look at every piece of data to optimise each campaign to the absolute fullest.

Step 4 – Manage

Step 4 – Manage

Managing social media accounts and campaigns takes hours each day. It also takes skill and executional excellence every step of the way. Our social media marketing experts manage each campaign daily and continuously optimise for maximum growth.

Facts About Social Media

15M Aussies spend 12.8 hours
per week here....

9M Aussies spend 11.8 hours
per week here..

4.2M Aussies spend 1.8 hours
per week here..

Can you afford not to play here??

Not All Digital Agencies Are Created Equally

It’s easy to make promises, but delivering on them is another matter. The simple truth is what many digital agencies promise and deliver are often two very different things. At Digital Hitmen, we take pride in letting our experience, skill, and results do the talking. We’re fine-tuned social media assassins ready to boost your bottom line.
When you choose our expert social media marketing services, you’ll enjoy:

No Surprises

Everything we do, we run by you first. We develop a strategy together and you provide your seal of approval on everything we do. Together, we’ll work seamlessly and enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with little effort needed from you or your marketing team.

Bang for Your Buck

Rather than blowing your entire marketing budget, we believe in getting paid for performance and the job we do. We don’t charge high retainers. Instead, you’ll only pay us the true cost of our services, plus any additional ad spend.


Unlike other marketing agencies, digital marketing isn’t simply an additional service we offer. It’s what we do day in and day out. From SEO and AdWords to Facebook and Instagram, we’re focused entirely in these channels and can explode your profits from each one.


Like real hitmen, we receive many of our clients by word of mouth. This means we operate with utmost integrity at all times and aim to excel in everything we do. We want to earn your trust by delivering great work and the very best results.

Australia’s Premier Agency

Digital Hitmen was born and bred right here in Perth, Australia, and while our roots remain deeply footed in Perth, we offer our expert services to companies across Australia. If you want to dominate the digital space and grow your profits to infinity and beyond, go local and grow global with us today!

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