Tania Leon

Tania graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business and Marketing in 2012. After graduating, she worked in Marketing and Commercial Management in the food, beverage, and retail industries in South America.

In addition to her marketing background, she continued to gain experience in different areas such as photography, videography, fashion, textiles, and more. This experience was gained not only from further tertiary study, but by working on different projects in her free time.

From managing brands in department stores nationwide, to managing the production and exportation of several international brand's collections, her ability to keep campaigns and work functioning on a tight schedule is second to none.

In 2019, Tania moved to Perth and joined the Digital Hitmen team. Her ingenious marketing solutions and the creativity she brings to the table every day has been infectious. For anything related to content marketing and social media, she is your go-to!

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