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Local SEO success with 80% rise in organic traffic

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E Eye Place is an independent optometry practice located in Port Coogee, providing full scope optometric care and specialty services.


Over a period of six months, our local SEO strategies for E Eye Place experienced remarkable improvements:

  • Organic traffic: We saw an 80% rise, tallying up to 5.8k organic sessions.


  • Local visibility: Top search results for key optometry-related keywords within the southern suburbs of Perth.


  • Online leads: The business experienced a 55% increase in quality leads, indicating increased interest from potential clients.


5.8k Organic sessions


Online leads


11.6k Page views


E Eye Place approached us intending to grow its client base and reach a wider audience in the southern suburbs of Perth. They wanted to be easily accessible for local residents who were searching for reliable optometry services in the area.

E Eye Place Perth optometrist case study
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The objective was pretty straightforward; however, reaching this objective was not without challenges.

The most pressing issue we found was that the website was struggling to appear prominently in local search results for optimal keywords related to its services.

This limitation was a significant barrier, obstructing the business from tapping into potential new clients who used search engines as their primary tool to find optometry services such as myopia treatment, children’s eye care, and emergency eye services.

Key challenge: Limited visibility in local search results due to low keyword ranking, consequently affecting their ability to grow their client base through their website.

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Lionel from E Eye Place - Perth

“Incredible team that have delivered the SEO results we were promised (and then some).

Very responsive and results driven team – can’t recommend them highly enough! Nothing is a bother and they always deliver.

Han Lim


Understanding the significance of local search visibility, our SEO team devised a strategy centred on optimising local search results.

We concentrated on:

  • Keyword optimisation: By incorporating locally-relevant keywords, we ensured that the website resonated more with the search terms frequently used by the residents of Perth’s southern suburbs.
  • On-page SEO: We optimised website content, meta tags, and internal linking structures to improve the site’s overall relevance and authority in the eyes of search engines.
  • E-E-A-T: Recognising the importance of E-E-A-T in building credibility for businesses, we developed a comprehensive team page highlighting the expertise and qualifications of each optometrist.

Detailed biographies showcased their educational backgrounds, professional experience, and affiliations. This not only conveyed the team’s expertise but also established trust and authority, essential components for Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines.

The change in traffic was not just limited to the main pages. We observed an uptick in users exploring unique service offerings, such as aviation eye exams and myopia treatment, and more importantly, a significant number took the next step to become clients.

The case of E Eye Place highlights the significance of implementing a customised, locally-focused SEO strategy. Businesses – even those operating within specialised sectors such as optometry, can successfully expand their customer base and strengthen their online visibility by prioritising local search optimisation.

E Eye Place is now better positioned to serve the residents of Perth’s southern suburbs, fulfilling their vision and ours.

E Eye Place E E A T

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