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Someone finds your site via social media or Google and browses your collection of sunglasses. They leave without buying, but your ads follow them around the Internet and remind them to come back. Guess what – they do exactly that and make a purchase. This is the undeniable power of retargeting. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are utilising retargeting to improve their conversions, make additional sales, and boost their profits. You should too!

Retargeting is impossible in the real world. It’s simply not feasible to have sales people follow up with everyone who walks into a shop to browse. Online, however, it’s not only feasible, it’s common. Thanks to retargeting pixels, you can follow your site visitors around the Web, including Facebook, and imprint your brand in their minds.

Imagine being able to maintain a visual presence wherever your visitors go online and draw them back to your site. Now imagine being able to do exactly that for a fraction of the price as traditional PPC campaigns. Not only can it solve the issue of site abandonment, but it can noticeably improve your ROI as well.

However, harnessing the power of retargeting requires the right knowledge, tips, and advice. Lucky for you, we’re retargeting experts and more than happy to share what we’ve learned over the course of countless retargeting campaigns. (Here’s some retargeting tactics that actually work, for example).

Whether you’re selling designer handbags or handsaws, our tips and tricks will help you master the hidden art of retargeting, expand your reach, and dominate your digital marketplace in no time at all!

Retargeting Tactics That Actually Work

Retargeting Tactics That Actually Work

If you sell stuff online or run a small business, chances are you’re more than familiar with the power of advertising and the critical role it plays in driving traffic to your website. However, what do you do if someone isn’t quite ready to purchase your products or services when they first visit your site…