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Professional Graphic Design

Perfect Pixel Execution

Graphic design should strategically deepen digital experiences by formulating text into striking visuals; bringing out the emotions of visitors, and providing clarity towards the purpose of your brand. It provides credibility, demands attention, and adds overall value to your brand.

In today’s ultra-competitive markets, visualisation and thought must be put into everything, especially graphic design. Just take a look around you. Design-heavy companies like Nike, Apple, Coles and Qantas lead the pack.

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Your Complete Marketing Solution

At Digital Hitmen, nothing we do is happenstance. Everything is done strategically. Everything serves a purpose.

We’ll take the time to understand your brand from the inside out. Your audience, history, objectives, and competitors will all be scrutinised to a tee, allowing us to create fresh graphic content for brand recognition, market domination, and ultimate success!

It may be a quick 10-minute conversation or a longer consultation and brainstorming session, but we make it a point to get to know each client as well as we can in order to design a creative brief that not only meets but exceeds your design objectives.

The Digital Hitmen creative team lives and breathes design. Together with your input, we’ll design the graphical elements you need to distinguish your brand and become the leader of the pack!

Graphic Design the Digital Hitmen Way

At Digital Hitmen, one of Australia’s leading digital agencies, we truly believe no one takes the time to get to know their clients and create as spot on and impactful designs as we do.

Plain and simple.

However, we also understand that nobody knows your company or product as well as you do. Our dedicated design team will listen to your vision and do it justice.

After diving headfirst into your creative brief, we’ll create graphic content that reaches out to grab users and not let go. It will tell YOUR MESSAGE and make it stand out in the minds of viewers.

Hook, line, and sinker!

We Develop High-Level Design Assets

We’re kind of like the CIA.

Sure, we don’t have access to top secret classified documents or have to lie about our job, but we take it just as seriously and develop assets just like the boys in black. Our assets, however, are digital.

Aligning with your vision and message, our expert team of digital designers and strategists will develop a plan of attack to create bold and powerful design assets that will help fuel your brand’s success. With graphic designs that make a bold, powerful statement and stand out from the pack, growth and expansion is not only possible, it’s inevitable.

Make a Statement

Why blend into the pack when you can stand out? Unless you’re evading a hit, it makes no sense. You need simple, bold, and beautiful graphic designs that make a statement. You need Digital Hitmen designs.

We tie in all of the micro and macro details to create amazingly fresh graphic designs that POP. If you want to catch eyes, win hearts, drop jaws, and spur people to action, you want our cutting-edge graphic design services.

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Logo Design

Make a Statement

The Logo – A Critical Asset for Market Domination

The products may be the bread and butter, and the employees may be the heart and soul, but the logo is the essence of every company big and small.

A logo is the symbol of a company or organisation. It’s used on websites, social media pages, emails, adverts, business cards….you get the point.

These days, the most successful companies embrace the “simpler is better” approach to logo design. With everything moving around us at light speed, there’s less and less time to grab people’s attention, impress them, and turn them into happy customers.

At Digital Hitmen, we help you do exactly that by creating simple and stylish logos that are easy to memorise and hard to forget!

Examples of Our Work

Digital Hitmen
New Earth Living
Green Choice Electrical
Online Flooring Store Logo
Georgia Findley
Quedos Billiard Tables
Crypto Mumma

Great Logo Design 101

We’ve mastered the art of logo design.

Having worked with countless clients over the years, we’ve pinpointed the perfect approach to logo design, and it works like a charm time and time again.

While we won’t dish out all of our tips and tricks, we can offer some helpful advice:

  • If you’re unable to do so and have a generic company name, like OmniCorp or XYZ LLC, imagine any type of object or story that may be suitable for your brand and logo.
  • If the name is short, a text-based logo may be ideal.
  • If none of the above will work, try using part of the name or an acronym, such as E-Monster instead of E-File Monster or BOP instead of Baxter Office Professionals.
  • Develop a business name that can be easily associated with a recognisable image.
  • Lastly, if none of the above models apply, create an abstract image to uniquely identify your company.

We know, we know….rules are no fun.

We get it; we like to break the rules too.


Why struggle with logo design, or SEO and anything else for that matter, when expert help from Digital Hitmen is just a click or call away?

Digital Hitmen – A Cut Above

There are thousands of logo design companies out there vying for your branding budget and hard-earned buck, but they basically all fall into one of two categories: pre-made logo sellers and custom logo designers.

Pre-made logo sellers design collections of logos in specific industries or fields. If you see one you like, you can purchase it. Many of these logos are iconic or use a special font, so very little work is actually done to them. In other words, they’re a dime a dozen. Worst of all, they’re almost impossible to register and trademark.

Custom logo designers, on the other hand, perform custom work from scratch and create logos specifically tailored to their clients. Since they’re 100% original, they can be registered and trademarked at will.

Sounds Great, Right?

At Digital Hitmen, we create 100% unique and original logos.

However, unlike 99% of logo design companies, we’re a complete digital agency and regularly handle every aspect of the branding and marketing process for our clients. Coupled with our firm belief in executional excellence, this allows us to provide superior continuity and maximum results!

Don’t Choose Just Anybody. Choose Digital Hitmen.

We’ve been in the trenches, identifying targets, and hitting our metrics for years. However, our digital excellence extends far beyond our ability to generate traffic, crunch the numbers, and deliver the best ROI. We build brands.

That’s right. At Digital Hitmen, we help build brands from the bottom up, and this includes jaw-dropping logo design!

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