Richard Parr

Richard is an entrepreneur from Perth, WA. He took up Computer Systems and Networking at Curtin University until 2007. A year later, he worked as a sales manager at Dreamscape Networks Limited until November 2011.

He has an extensive background in sales as well as tech, spending over ten years in the technology & infrastructure industry. Richard showcases his experience as a sales professional with an impressive list.

Roles throughout his career include:

  • Managing Director for Plexus Technology
  • Senior Infrastructure Consultant at Hudson Global
  • Branch Manager for NTT WA
  • Business Development Director for FinXL IT Professional Services
  • Recruitment Manager for LH Global

Richard Parr is highly skilled in the following areas:

  • Information Technology Service Management
  • Information Technology Strategy
  • New Business Development
  • Technical Recruiting
  • Account Management

He has worked and led high-performance teams for Fortune 500 Companies, including NTT & DMCG Global. Richard now operates The Chat Agency, which started in 2020.

For the past two years, Richard has found a passion for conversational marketing solutions and his team curates targeted conversations with thousands of customers every week. Through The Chat Agency, Richard helps transform business’s online communication channels, diverting them to live chat.

Among Richard’s specialities include aiding businesses so that they can employ and retain the best talents in the technology industry. As a DMCG Global partner, he works alongside 60+ people from many parts of the world, including Sydney, Perth, Los Angeles, and London. The goal is to connect companies with the right digital and marketing firms from across the globe.