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Digital Hitmen are a results-driven digital marketing agency that specialises in search engine optimisation and web design.

We love seeing our clients showcase their goods and services to a greater proportion of the local community. We are truly honoured to be part of that journey and we strive to make a real difference to their company.

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We help businesses in the greater Fremantle area to be found online through our advanced search engine optimisation campaigns.

Local businesses are what makes Fremantle so unique. Whether you go to the Fremantle Markets for some local produce, visit your favourite coffee shop on the Cappuccino Strip, or browse a local art gallery, there’s something for everyone in Fremantle. The success of these businesses ensures a prosperous local economy, which contributes to the health, well-being and community fabric of Fremantle.

Case Studies

  • Roogenic
  • E Eye Place
  • Chris' Kitchen
  • Unusual Pets Vets

We are proud to announce that we have helped Roogenic reach the top of the organic search engine results for their target keywords, which have been driving consistent traffic to their site.

This was achieved by researching user intent, targeting a range of keywords with high volume queries, and implementing structured data markup with keyword changes on their wellness tea collections, bush foods, and educational blogs throughout the month.

We are excited for the future success of Roogenic as they continue to grow their business, both online and at the Fremantle Markets.


increase in organic traffic in the first 3 months


increase in new organic users in the first 3 months


increase in organic leads in the first 3 months  


E Eye Place are a local optometrist who take pride in helping their patients of all ages. Their approachable and helpful staff are devoted to preventing and treating a wide range of eye health and vision issues.

We worked closely with their team to completely redesign their website. Our focus wasn’t purely on improving technical facets such as site speed and mobile optimisation, but also vastly improving UX design to increase their conversion rate. Our SEO efforts have increased their organic traffic and the number of bookings, helping to bring in 100s of new clients.


increase in organic traffic in 2022


increase in new organic users in 2022


increase in organic leads in 2022

E Eye Place

Chris’ Kitchen is a plant-based, award-winning bakery that makes cakes, pizzas, and desserts. They use whole foods, and are dairy-free, sugar-free, and mostly gluten-free.

They are also committed to helping others by donating 3% of all profits to charities that aid in reducing hunger and unemployment.

We had the pleasure of working with Chris’ Kitchen to design and build their eCommerce website using WooCommerce (WordPress), as well as improve their SEO rankings and conversion rates. The result is a website that truly showcases their exceptional tasting (and looking) products to their local customers.


increase in organic traffic in 2022


increase in new organic users in 2022


increase in online sales in 2022

Chris' Kitchen

Unusual Pet Vets are a veterinary clinic that provides veterinary services for unusual pets such as snakes, rabbits, birds and fish. They have clinics operating in Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

In early 2020, we completely redesigned the client’s website. As they operate in such a vibrant niche, we injected some-much needed personality into the design. The result? A custom built, high-end design that truly rivals the best veterinary websites in Australia.

We also ran a targeted SEO campaign to bring in new clients and drive traffic to their site. They’re obtaining more website visitors than ever before!


increase in organic traffic year on year


increase in organic leads year on year


increase in new organic users year on year

Unusual Pets Vets


Here at Digital Hitmen, we love giving back to the community and supporting a range of local and international charities.


Digital Hitmen co-sponsored this event with The Tribe. This event offered athletes a chance to participate in a deadlift competition, while helping The Good Chat Foundation. This charity improves community mental health and youth therapy outcomes through community sport. The most recent Deadlifts for Charity competition raised over $9,000 for those in need.

Visit to see how you can help.

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Chris' Kitchen

Part of the joys of working with Chris’ Kitchen is her values and beliefs. Her company operates as a social enterprise, and is passionate about ending hunger, empowering communities, and creating meaningful employment opportunities where they are needed the most. As part of her marketing team, we were invited to participate in Meal Makers 2020, an initiative of Food Bank WA.

Meal Makers brings together WA business leaders to fundraise their way to providing meals for West Australians in need.

Visit to see how you can help.

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Perth Chihuahua Rescue Inc. rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes chihuahuas and chihuahua cross breeds in Western Australia.

Digital Hitmen supported this local Perth charity by building them a new website. Perth Chihuahua Rescue Inc. are now able to accept donations directly via their website, and obtain more reach through Google and Facebook.

As dog lovers ourselves, we felt it was important to give these dogs a second chance at life. Watch the video by clicking the image above to see just how happy they are!

Visit for more information or to make a donation.

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Fundraise for Hope

Fundraise for Hope (Education is Everything) is raising money to help build schools in Rwanda, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Indonesia.

We teamed up with Jason King to help raise money for a life-changing Cambodian school project. Jason broke the world record for running a half-marathon while dressed as a swimmer.

Thanks to Jason’s sponsors, which includes Digital Hitmen and Budgy Smuggler, Jason raised over $13,000 for the cause.

To donate to this great cause, please contact us directly.

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A successful business owner, John walked away from the corporate life into the unknown. Together with four camels and a dog, he is embarking on a journey across Australia.

Before leaving, John visited a doctor for a physical check-up. Unfortunately, a melanoma was discovered on his back. He was able to have this successfully removed and, luckily for John, this simple check could have potentially saved his life.

John is now working with Beard Season. Every time they achieve a fundraising target, they fly a skin specialist to a community that does not have access to these life-saving services.

Visit to learn about this great cause.

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In co-operation with Stev Bonhage and Yuki Chen, we are raising funds for the No.(21) Basic Education Primary School in Mandalay, Myanmar.

Led by Yuki, an up and coming yoga and wellness personality in Australia, we aim to bring awareness of both physical and mental health to a struggling generation in this beautiful country in South East Asia.

Digital Hitmen hopes that our contribution will significantly improve the lives of the children that attend this school.

To donate to this great cause, please contact us directly.

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Christmas Park

On Christmas Day, Levi volunteered for this yearly event. Entertainment, and a full Christmas lunch, is provided for Perth’s most marginalised and disadvantaged people.

For Levi, it was a humbling experience. He enjoyed the company of all his guests; especially the younger ones who were all lucky enough to receive gifts from Santa (who arrived after lunch). Their smiles said it all.

As this is such a fantastic cause, the team at Digital Hitmen hope to make this an event that we contribute to annually.

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