SEO services


You found us on Google, right?
Our proven search engine optimisation
strategies will drive 100s of customers
to your website.
Web Design

Web Design

Our design team specialise in creating
beautiful, fully customised websites.
We’re more than just about looks,
however. Our sites convert.
Social media marketing

Social Media

Ultimately, our social media
marketing services will connect
your brand with your audience,
drive profits, and fuel growth.


We can build you a website that
seamlessly integrates E-Commerce
functionality with a positive
user experience.
Paid Search

Paid Search

With the right ad copy and targeting,
Google Adwords and Facebook
Ads can instantly increase your
website traffic.


With our cutting-edge remarketing
services, you’ll be able to
target customers already interested
in your services.
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

With our strategic planning, you’ll
be able to promote your business to
1000s of customers in one campaign.
Graphic & Logo Design

Graphic & Logo Design

If you want to catch eyes and spur people
in to action, you’ll want our creative
team working their magic. We can
design entire websites, logos,
landing pages and more.
Call tracking

Call Tracking

Now you can see where every
call comes from, identify your
biggest lead generators, and
better understand your

Our Process

1. Understand

1. Understand

There are many elements in order to understand a business or proposition. Thorough research is required to establish the most suitable digital footprint and marketing strategy to use. Understanding includes (but is not limited to): budget, target market, expectations and type of industry.

2. Strategise

2. Strategise

Once we understand the wants and needs of our clients, we employ hours of strategy to plan and execute a perfect marketing solution. Factors that effect strategy include geographic location, geographic target market, competitiveness for business in that field, people’s needs and awareness about the niche, and the ability to stand out and be more appealing online. Strategy we see as our ultimate weapon. We are highly competitive and plan to do nothing but win for our clients.

3. Execute

3. Execute

With a winning strategy it’s time to execute. You can either talk about it, or apply the resources we have from years of successful results and experience. At Digital Hitmen we cut any fat. There is no room for fluffing about and guessing. We plan and execute to win.

4. React

4. React

In digital marketing, everything is always changing. Nothing is ever static. For most business owners and marketing agencies this can be a nightmare to keep up. But not for us. We know every time there is change in the digital world, we’ll be amongst the first to adopt it for our clients. We update our campaigns regularly to get the best results.

What Our Clients Say

Our Clients

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