The era of eCommerce isn’t coming – it’s here in
full force. Selling products online begins with
building a website that seamlessly integrates
eCommerce functionality and promotes a
positive user experience.


With Digital Hitmen, getting your own online store up and running is easier and more scalable than ever before!

We specialise in designing and building ecommerce solutions using the world’s most robust and trusted ecommerce platform – WooCommerce. It’s loaded with features designed to help grow your brand and dominate the digital space.

Why WooCommerce?

WooCommerce has been a favourite e-commerce solution for 1000s of companies worldwide. Here’s why:

  • Designed for seamless WordPress integration
  • Super flexible
  • Can use it to sell ANYTHING
  • ZERO limitations

Sure, there are other solutions, like Shopify and Magento.

However, WooCommerce trumps them all with its ease of use, custom features and enhanced SEO capability.

WooCommerce vs Shopify

Like WooCommerce, Shopify is a popular all-in-one eCommerce solution for creating an online store. It has an easy-to-use interface you can use to customise your theme, add plugins, and add and manage products. It also features a step-by-step guide to help anyone with little to no experience (or technical expertise) build and launch their own online store.

Unfortunately, Shopify is self-hosted and has several limitations depending on the paid subscription package you choose. If you use an external payment gateway, there are additional transaction fees added to the costs as well.

With WooCommerce, there are no limitations. You have complete control over your store and its costs. In terms of simplicity and cost, it’s the clear winner.

WooCommerce vs Magento

Magento is another dynamic solution. Like WooCommerce, it’s loaded with features designed to help you provide a seamless shopping experience. It has its own unique theming system and uses APIs to easily integrate with several third-party solutions.

Magento is also extremely scalable. However, it’s less intuitive than Shopify or WooCommerce. In fact, using it to fully configure and customise an online store requires much more technical expertise. In other words, it’s not exactly user-friendly.

In addition to requiring a skilled developer, improving the functionality of a Magento store through the use of add-ons can cost a significant amount of money. Plus, there are hefty licensing costs. While there is a free community version of Magento, it’s lightyears behind the updated paid version and comes with absolutely zero support.

WooCommerce is much less expensive and much more user-friendly, making it a clear winner and by far our eCommerce solution of choice.

WooCommerce and WordPress – A Match Made in Heaven

WooCommerce is designed to perfectly integrate with WordPress, so if you’re already powering your site with WordPress, you’re already well-positioned to begin selling online.

At Digital Hitmen, our skilled developers can install WooCommerce and configure it to seamlessly work with your site. The versatility of WooCommerce can’t be overstated. It can transform any WordPress website into a profit-producing online store in no time at all.

WooCommerce Benefits

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Create Stunningly Functional Storefronts

Create Stunningly Functional Storefronts

WooCommerce is extremely flexible, allowing you to create stunning storefronts and have complete control over how your products are presented. With WooCommerce, you can:

  • Sell virtually anything
  • Have multiple product colours, sizes, materials, and other variations
  • Save time through CSV product imports
  • Use third-party processors to accept online payments
  • Provide several shipping options
  • Automatically calculate taxes and more!

Tons of extensions are also available to equip your online store with endless features. Whether you want to schedule bookings, add memberships, or add any other unique features, our skilled developers can utilise WooCommerce to fully customise your store with all of the right third-party extensions.

Completely Customise Your Store

Completely Customise Your Store

Aside from great products, nothing turns browsers into buyers more than an engaging, customised store design. With WooCommerce, you can:

  • Select feature images
  • Show social proof through customer ratings and reviews
  • Embed products into ANY page
  • Easily edit any and all aspects of your site to stand out from the crowd and reflect your brand

Things are heating up and competition online continues to grow increasingly fierce. However, with WooCommerce and our expert Web development services, you’ll be able to enjoy a completely customised digital storefront poised to drive more sales and explode your profits.

Manage Orders Like a Pro

Manage Orders Like a Pro

To be successful online, you need more than a visually stunning site. Online shoppers expect to experience a smooth ordering process as well. We help provide exactly that by allowing you to:

  • Offer guest checkout or customer accounts
  • Add customer notes for shipped products and special orders
  • Manage inventory and receive inventory alerts
  • Send out customised emails and notifications

Thanks to these features and more, WooCommerce makes managing orders easy. When configured by our team of experienced developers, it can streamline order processing to boost user experience and repeat sales.

Boost Conversions

Boost Conversions

When it comes to selling products online, conversions are key. WooCommerce is a completely scalable solution designed to boost conversions like no other ecommerce platform. With WooCommerce, you can:

  • Install plugins to increase search engine exposure, customer satisfaction, and more
  • Display related products for additional sales
  • Use widgets to showcase featured products
  • Create coupons and product-related discounts
  • Integrate social media into each product page

The conversion-boosting power of WooCommerce doesn’t stop there. It includes even more tools to increase conversions and accelerate growth. At Digital Hitmen, we integrate these solutions to drive conversions and transform more browsers into buyers.

Our Team Makes Selling Online Easier Than Ever Before

In today’s competitive digital marketplace, there’s ZERO room for mediocrity. At Digital Hitmen, we offer a full spectrum of customisable solutions to make your online store stand out from the pack.

Whether you’re interested in launching a new store or require expert solutions to boost your store’s performance, we can definitely help.

Our expert developers harness the power of WooCommerce to create custom built online stores that increase engagement, drive sales, and promote the best possible user experience.

Give us a call to schedule a consult with our highly skilled team and let us show you what we can do.