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We Specialise in Rapid and Repeatable SEO Results.

Plain and Simple.

If our extensive SEO experience doesn’t impress you, our results will.

Search engine optimisation isn’t only our bread and butter, it’s our first love. It’s why our customers have a 99% satisfaction rate.

We haven’t become one of the premier SEO firms from our experience alone. It’s our results that do the talking. We have a track record of success for our SEO clients throughout Perth and other parts of Australia. We’ll target your most relevant keywords with precision, and drive hundreds of Google and Bing users to your site in no time at all!

Why Choose Us for Proven SEO Results

Google best practice

Google best practice

Fast ranking results

Fast ranking results

Keywords that deliver

Keywords that deliver

Evolving formula

Evolving formula

Dedicated account manager

Dedicated account manager

Dedicated account manager

Australian based experts

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Keyword: Private Lending
(Ranked #1 on Google)

Keyword: Finance Broker Perth
(Ranked #2 on Google)

Keyword: Mortgage Brokers Perth
(Ranked #6 on Google)

Our SEO Services

The structure and content of a web page may only be a single piece to the search engine puzzle,
but it’s an extremely important piece.

Perth SEO companies are everywhere. In fact, you could say they’re a dime a dozen.
However, that’s not Digital Hitmen. Our team utilises our 12+ years of experience and highly evolved processes to deliver
undeniable results.

Our proven digital marketing techniques and world-class optimisation strategies will help make your website a well-oiled ranking machine.
When you turn to us for your Google and Bing search engine ranking needs, you can expect:

  • Campaign management
  • On and off-page optimisation
  • Trusted, relevant link building

Why You Need An Effective SEO Strategy

  • A continual first-page presence in the organic search results
  • Access to customers searching for your products or services
  • An unlimited flow of FREE targeted Google traffic
  • Brand recognition, and trust associated with organic search results

Laser Precision = Explosive Gains

What’s better, a scatter gun or a sniper rifle?

At Digital Hitmen, we get asked this question all the time, but the answer never changes.
We’ll take a laser precision sniper rifle over a scatter gun every day of the week, figuratively speaking of course.

Any run-of-the-mill Perth SEO firm can get you first page rankings for a bunch of poor quality keywords and ridiculous keyword combos,
but you’ll only get a trickle of visitors, not targeted customers your business needs to succeed.

Rather than a scatter gun, you need a Digital Hitmen sniper on your side; with pinpoint accuracy to earn your site nothing but the most effective Google rankings.

With our help, you’ll be ranking on the first page of Google for several targeted keywords with thousands of monthly searches.

Real Relevance. Real ROI.

Greater relevance means better quality traffic, and
quality traffic means more leads and conversions.
It’s a little thing we like to call executional excellence,
which we happen to do quite well.

When you partner with us for your SEO project, we’ll take
the time to truly get to know your business and discover
the search terms that are guaranteed to drive loads
of targeted traffic to your site.

Facts About Search Engine Optimisation

When done correctly, SEO can be an amazing source of quality traffic to your website.

131 billion

searches per month are conducted on
the web (100 billion of those
are from Google).

70% - 80%

of users ignore paid search ads,
focusing on the organic results.


of online experiences
begin with a search engine.

Real. Fast. Results.

With hundreds of different ranking factors and signals, it’s impossible to accurately
predict how long it will take your site to reach the first page and rank.

However, since we know you need results and you need them now, we’re happy
to say most clients begin ranking for competitive search terms in under 60 days.



We’ve helped clients across
Australia and beyond boost
their rankings, traffic,
and sales
Long Term


SEO isn’t a short-term
strategy. It’s designed
for long-term results and
healthy ROIs


Increase your Google search presence
and grow your bottom line with
tactical precision

Case Study

Our Perth SEO client, Forest RiseBased in the heart of the Margaret River tourist region, Forest Rise rely on year-round online bookings from visitors throughout Australia and across the globe. By implementing a thorough SEO strategy and redesign of the existing website, we were able to significantly increase their occupancy/booking rate.

605% increase in organic traffic (June 2019 vs March 2017)

78% increase in bookings

65% increase in customer enquiries via phone and email

What Our Clients Say

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