Take advantage of Facebook retargeting

There was a time, not that long ago, when the world saw Facebook as a social playground. It was an entertaining time drain where you could catch up with old friends, play colourful farming games, and scan pictures to see who attended last weekend’s party.

Today, Facebook is a dominating social media presence reporting 2.38 billion monthly users as of the first quarter of 2019. This was an unimaginable milestone when Facebook opened for public use in 2006. While Facebook users still catch up with old friends and check out pictures, the social media mainstay is a treasure trove for digital marketing.

Using Facebook ads and the Facebook Marketplace, businesses of all sizes can easily reach a significant number of the 2.38 billion monthly users.

It is important to remember that regardless of the number of ads you can place in front of potential customers, your efforts did not reach full potential without a conversion. Fortunately, Facebook can help make retargeting those who visit your site quick, painless, and efficient.


How Can Facebook Help Me With Retargeting?

Because Facebook gets a substantial portion of its revenue from advertising, the social media giant knows making business easier for its advertisers will also improve their bottom line. There are numerous features designed to make reaching, retargeting, and converting customers easier.

One feature that is extremely helpful in retargeting is the Facebook pixel. Essentially, the pixel sees the activity on your website. It compiles necessary data for you to group those who visit your site and focus your retargeting efforts in their direction.


Why Retarget?

If someone visited my site and did not buy, they must not want or need what I provide?

While it is occasionally true that visitors may reach your site in error, research tells us that just 2% of consumers will make a purchase on their first visit to a website.

Without retargeting, you are essentially waving goodbye to 98% of your site traffic and potential sales. Can you really afford to do that? In addition, retargeting is cost effective. You can carryout retargeting at a fraction of the cost of advertising designed to garner new customers.


What Steps Do I Take After I Install the Pixel?

Your next moves should be familiar to you if advertising is your forte.

Couple on social media

  • Name the Goal of Your Advertising – Regardless of whether you are working for brand awareness or looking for site visits. You can never reach a goal you have not set. Additionally, Facebook can measure your success based on your goal.
  • Choose Who You Are Targeting – You have access to a tool to help customise your targets for your Facebook ads called Custom Audience. It works off of the data collected by the pixel.
  • Plan Ad Placement – You can choose locations yourself, or you can allow Facebook to decide the optimal placement of your retargeting ads automatically.
  • Create Your Budget – You have options ranging on what you would like to spend per day, or you can choose a lifetime spend and make a note of the beginning and the ending dates.
  • Decide on Ads – Based on your target audience, choose the ads, the format used, and when the ads appear to your retargeted site visitors.


So, What Are Some Strategies to Help Me Retarget on Facebook?

Here are proven actions that can help you enjoy retargeting success on Facebook. Of course, not every strategy will work for all businesses. Consider your customers and your goals and do not be afraid to try more than one plan of action.

  • Start With a Controlled Ad Campaign – Often, the idea of launching all of your biggest and most attention-getting techniques in your advertising arsenal can be tempting. It is important to remember that digital marketing involves gaining potential customers’ trust. This does not mean you should do nothing. In place of a retargeting barrage, consider working on making your retargeted audience familiar with you and your brand.
  • Try Using Video – Video ads easily fit into a retargeting campaign. This is especially true for businesses with a family story or interesting background. Whether your tomato sauce recipe came out of Italy hidden in your great-great grandmother’s bonnet or you created a dog harness after Fido pulled you face-first into a tree, create a video based on the experiences. These stories build connections with customers. Customers who feel connected to a brand or business tend to be loyal and long-term.
  • Combat Abandonment – The percentages of abandoned carts runs between 60 to 80% depending on the market and product. At one time, businesses believed an abandoned cart meant the consumer never intended to purchase anything. This is a viable reason. However, some shoppers abandon a cart because their purchase was interrupted. Regardless of the reason for the interruption, they move on to the next part of their day without a single thought to the cart. Retargeting is your opportunity to send the customer a friendly reminder. Often a Facebook ad featuring the fantastic footwear left in the customer’s cart will jog their memory and send them back to convert.

Retargeting may seem a bit daunting, especially if it is a concept that is new to you and your staff. Even though Facebook simplified the process of retargeting on their site, it can still seem confusing.

Many businesses choose to bring an outside expert to help with the many facets of retargeting. Hiring a professional may be a good option for your business to get the most out of your advertising budget and stay ahead of your competitors.